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Attic Ventilation: A Year-Round Concern For All Ohio Homeowners

Perhaps you’ve heard about the importance of attic ventilation, but you’ve never taken it seriously. Improving attic ventilation is a proven strategy for comfort and energy savings, whether your goal is to see benefits in the summer or winter.

In The Summer

When the weather heats up in the greater Cleveland area, expect attic ventilation to deliver the following:

  • Protection for the roof: Sweltering temperatures and high humidity cause shingles to buckle. This can damage the roof and result in leaks that impact your home’s structural integrity.
  • Smaller air conditioner load: Unventilated attics reach temperatures in excess of 145 degrees in the summer. This heat radiates through the attic floor, making the ceiling of your home’s upper level feel warm to the touch. This puts extra strain on the air conditioner and increases your cooling bills by up to 25 percent.  This excess heat in the attic can also lead to a large difference in summer temperature between first and second floors.
  • Longer air conditioner life: By lowering attic temperatures 30 to 50 degrees with ventilation, you can help your cooling equipment last longer. The ability to avoid expensive repairs saves you money as well.

In The Winter

When the temperature drops in the winter, the attic is more affected than you think. Add attic ventilation to enjoy the following:

  • Protection for the roof: Ice dams are a real threat after snowstorms. An unventilated attic is inadvertently warmed by leaks that allow warm indoor air to escape into the attic. This allows snow on the roof to melt, where it runs down toward the eaves. When it reaches cooler temperatures there, the water refreezes into an ice dam that wedges underneath shingles and allows backed up water to sit on the roof for prolonged periods. A cooler, ventilated attic helps prevent ice dams.
  • Preserved insulation: Moisture that makes its way into the attic is quickly evaporated if a ventilation system is in place. This prevents condensation from rendering attic insulation ineffective.  Avoiding or reducing condensation in the attic also lowers your risk of mold formation.

For help designing and installing the perfect attic ventilation system for your home, please contact us at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling. We’ve served the greater Cleveland area for over 77 years.

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