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Can AC Be Installed In My Home W/A Boiler?

When most homeowners think of central air conditioning, they picture a system that integrates with a forced air furnace and a system of ducts. If your home has boiler heating, you may assume that AC installation simply isn’t an option. But while installing a standard, duct-based central air conditioning system may not work well, there are modern air conditioning systems that are perfect for homes with boiler-style heating. You can enjoy a cool home without window air conditioners, after all! Here’s a look.

Ductless Mini split Systems

Installing a duct-based air conditioning system in a home with boiler heating is a major endeavor that can require gutting rooms, installing ugly soffits and moving walls to accommodate expansive ducts. There is, however, another style of air conditioning that doesn’t require large ducts to be run behind the walls. A ductless, mini split air conditioning system consists of an outdoor condenser and an air handling unit, which is mounted on the wall.

You can have several different air handling units installed, one for each floor or section of the home, which allow you to independently control the temperatures of these zones. This makes for greater energy-efficiency and enhanced comfort. Mini split AC systems also operate quietly and cleanly.

Unico Systems

If you’d rather not have a large air handling unit mounted on your wall, another option is a type of AC system called the Unico System. This system consists of a main air handling unit along with a series of thin pipes that carry the cooled air to various rooms. These small pipes are easy to run behind walls or above ceilings without the need for remodeling. The air emerges from small, circular vents that are easy to decorate around.

The air handling units of the Unico System are typically placed in crawl spaces, attics, or closets so they don’t get in the way or serve as an eyesore.

To learn more about ductless minisplit A/C installation and Unico System installation in the Cleveland area, contact the experts at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling.

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