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Troubleshooting Airflow And The Impact On Your Furnace

Airflow problems can have a significant impact on your indoor comfort anytime but especially during heating season.  It’s a good idea to get these taken care of before the cold weather has a chance to settle in. Some signals of airflow problems include temperature fluctuations in a single room, or variations from one room to the next, along with rising utility bills and discrepancies between thermostat settings and actual indoor temperatures. A few basic furnace troubleshooting techniques may help you address the problem.

One furnace troubleshooting technique that affects airflow is the use of dampers. Balancing dampers effectively divert heated air as it emerges from your furnace and enters your ductwork, and they generally appear as small moveable levers on your ducts or heat registers.Try closing off the dampers of the ducts or registers that supply the rooms that tend to get warmest.

Over the next few days, pay close attention to your indoor heat distribution. It should be more evened out, especially if you continue to tinker until all rooms are equally warm. (NOTE:  Do not close down too many dampers or you will reduce the overall flow of air and potentially damage your equipment.  If you are not sure, consult with a professional.)

Another furnace troubleshooting method that can address airflow problems is the addition of air-return vents. These can be installed in rooms with high-occupancy rates, particularly living rooms and bedrooms. They remove the cold air that is circulating in the room, promoting superior furnace efficiency and improving overall comfort levels.

If these two troubleshooting techniques fail to have the desired results, there are other options. First, you may want to invest in professional duct cleaning. Over time, ducts can accumulate dirt, dust and other debris, and this can impede the proper flow of air, resulting in uneven heat distribution and rising energy bills. Alternatively, adding a zoning system to your HVAC equipment can help, allowing you to further fine tune which areas receive conditioned air and how much of it they will get.

Should you require assistance with your furnace troubleshooting and airflow improvement efforts, don’t hesitate to contact P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling. We’ve been helping residents of the Cleveland area enjoy superior indoor comfort for 75 years.

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