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What Is BPI Certification?

When you’re shopping around for an HVAC company, you might notice some professionals advertising that they are “BPI certified.” These aren’t just some fancy initials they put after their names to attract attention. BPI stands for Building Professional Institute, Inc, and contractors who have earned this certification have completed training in which they learn to treat the entire home as a system in order to improve energy efficiency.

If you care about your home’s energy consumption (and with today’s energy prices, you’d be foolish not to), then you’d be wise to hire a BPI certified contractor. These contractors have trained their staff to look at the house as an entire system and not simply focus on just one aspect like the HVAC system. They’ll go through your home, figure out exactly how energy is being used and wasted, and then recommend changes to reduce your energy consumption. These are contractors upon which you can rely. They’ve not only completed extensive classroom and field training, but they’ve also been fully tested to ensure they know how to implement everything they’ve learned before being awarded their certificates.

If you’re hoping to make your home more environmentally friendly, the input of a contractor with BPI certification is invaluable. Many homes in the US were built before there were standard building codes in place. As a result, they’re wasteful in their fossil fuel consumption. A BPI certified contractor can diagnose issues with air leakage, heating and cooling systems, lighting, appliances, insulation and more, so you know what changes to make — and don’t waste money on upgrades you don’t need. Many times, the green energy upgrades your BPI certified contractor recommends will qualify for energy audit–related tax credits, allowing you to save even more.

When shopping around for a contractor to repair or replace your HVAC system or otherwise improve your home’s energy efficiency, always look for someone who has earned their BPI certification. This way you can count on receiving informed, actionable advice from a verified professional. Contact P.K. Wadsworth to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our BPI certified contractors today.

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