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brenda aldridge
brenda aldridge 5.0

Fred Heupler
Fred Heupler 5.0

It was amazing how fast PKW responded to my inquiry for basement dehumidifier & air scrubber. Both were accomplished at same time in an efficient manner. Tech was courteous, professional, answered all my questions .

David Stein
David Stein 5.0

Tricia James
Tricia James 5.0

Titte Srinivas
Titte Srinivas 5.0

Cindy Boyd
Cindy Boyd 5.0

Ethan McPeake
Ethan McPeake 5.0

Could ask more of a technician...Clarence was awesome!

Connie VanGompel
Connie VanGompel 5.0

Jacob was skilled, efficient, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He advised me of a couple items that may need attention in the future, symptoms to look for, what it would cost to fix, and all with no pressure to do anything now.

Spencer Dolin
Spencer Dolin 5.0

Jacob was timely, knowledgeable, and professional.

David Bell
David Bell 5.0

Tim came out to look at our property so he could generate an estimate for installing whole house A/C. He was polite and knowledgeable, freely discussed options, and was very professional. Eric was personable and took time during a service call to show ...my young grandson how boilers work. Josh knowledgably assessed our central air unit, and advised that the departure from specified operation was minor enough that we did not need to repair it. He was polite, thorough, and careful.Read More...

Alison Wilson
Alison Wilson 5.0

Guys were super, listened to my needs and didn't trying sell me things I didn't't want.

Kelsey Lee
Kelsey Lee 5.0

Eric B. was so knowledgeable and really explained everything I needed to know about our outdated boiler and water tank system. I feel much more confident about our home after talking to Eric, thank you!

Connie Swary
Connie Swary 5.0

Great Maintenance service today. Very happy! May 12, 2020 Former review: New furnace & AC installed today. P.K. Wadsworth crew were quick, cleaned up & polite too. Always a pleasure to do business with this wonderful company.

Susan Vadino
Susan Vadino 5.0

Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter 5.0

Technician knowledgeable, professional and quick. Great experience.

Doreen Cahoon
Doreen Cahoon 5.0

John Hexter
John Hexter 5.0

With the mild winter we have found our inside air to be uncomfortably dry. Eric proposed a way to add humidity and we're looking forward to the installation. We're long-time customers of P. K. Wadsworth and they have always delivered great service.

Phyllis Webb
Phyllis Webb 5.0

Eric was very responsive, answering all my questions. He was very considerate and conscious of social distancing. He was prompt in arrival and kept me informed in advance of arrival plans. When I needed to move the time back he was very understanding and ...said “whatever will work for you”. I enjoyed getting to know him, even from a distance! Extremely friendly and finished his work efficiently. Great representative for PK Wadsworth.Read More...

Louis Sharoff
Louis Sharoff 5.0

Great tech and great service. Very knowledgeable.

mark banas
mark banas 5.0

Kyle was knowledgeable, it seemed, and did a thorough job. It did seem to take a while, though.

Thomas Szymanski
Thomas Szymanski 5.0

James Smekal
James Smekal 5.0

Collin is a super good guy that got our problem solved. Thank you.

Harold Agrast
Harold Agrast 5.0

The technician, C,, all the above, thorough and nice.

Virginia Dawson
Virginia Dawson 5.0

Kyle arrived with the proper Covid-19 face mask and was careful to practice social distancing. He had also read over the comments from previous inspections of our cooling system. His work was efficient and before leaving he gave us a full report. Thank ...you, KyleRead More...

Bruce Tomlinson
Bruce Tomlinson 5.0

Jes Sellers
Jes Sellers 5.0

LeeAnne Freddo
LeeAnne Freddo 5.0

samuel selekman
samuel selekman 5.0

Gregory Brown
Gregory Brown 5.0

Everything went well. He was very professional, informed me of any issues that may occur and how we can hang them in the future.

Bertha Stewart
Bertha Stewart 5.0

alan schmiedicker
alan schmiedicker 5.0

PK always professional. I have used them for years and think they do an outstanding job for a very reasonable price.

Donni H
Donni H 5.0

Kyle was absolutely fantastic!! He arrived on time & came prepared with his ppe. He has great energy and completed the job quickly. His verbal explanations were clear and written information was provided.

Aaron Fischer
Aaron Fischer 5.0

Robert Kwitkowski
Robert Kwitkowski 5.0

Eric was Very Professional, but Friendly at the same time. Diagnosed my furnace issues, and made the necessary arrangements for a sales technician to visit and go over my options. Yes, that meant my issues were severe enough to warrant recommendations of ...replacement. But, I could not be more happy with Eric's visit. He, and the sales tech, Sal, both wore PPE on their visit, and practiced very good social distancing. I'll add I have talked to two different people over the phone, and dealt with 2 people in-house representing P.K. Wandsworth - and all have been helpful and professional.Read More...

linda richards
linda richards 5.0

Eric was extremely helpful. He was congenial and knowledgeable. He found a problem with my fuse box that had mixed the stove and air conditioning unit into the wrong category. i would never have figured that one out if something had happened. I ...continue to be pleased with the service people sent by P. K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling.. Thank you!Read More...

Clark Hawk
Clark Hawk 5.0

Collin was courteous and professional. He worked hard to isolate the problem resolve the issues.

Ken Sable
Ken Sable 5.0

Susan Kowalske
Susan Kowalske 5.0

leonard kahn
leonard kahn 5.0

Duncan Brown
Duncan Brown 5.0

As always, very professional and efficient. They were concerned for safety in the house, but quality and service was not sacrificed.

Barb Rooney
Barb Rooney 5.0

Cortney Farr
Cortney Farr 5.0

Great job explaining work! You also did a great job listening and responding to my 4 year old!!

Chris Shainoff
Chris Shainoff 5.0

Michael Gaffney
Michael Gaffney 5.0

Dorothy Banks
Dorothy Banks 5.0

Josh was very professional and was very knowledgeable. He made sure that I understood everything that was being done and even gave me suggestions on possible future upgrades and maintenance I would need to prepare me for that possibility. I am very happy ...with the service I received.Read More...

Arnold von Engelbrechten
Arnold von Engelbrechten 5.0

Mark Lowman
Mark Lowman 5.0

Very detailed and professional. Explained process completely. I would recommend Tom to my neighbors and would welcome him back to my home.

Kristin Sinclair
Kristin Sinclair 5.0

Jay M
Jay M 5.0

Josh did a great job trouble shooting my furnace problem. Very happy with the service and able to combined service appointments. I am glad to see the willingness to make things right. I feel better knowing money is well spent towards the invoice.

Mike Borgos
Mike Borgos 5.0

Jacob did an outstanding job. Our A?C was scheduled for it's yearly check up. Jacob kept us informed as to what he was doing. He was friendly and very knowledgeable. The perfect service call!

Robert Voytko
Robert Voytko 5.0

Ina white
Ina white 5.0

He was knowledgable and informative. Gave me options I could understand. I would recommend him.

Ted DeConingh
Ted DeConingh 5.0

Kyle did an outstanding job with cleaning out and installing a new water heater. I told him I am giving him an A plus for today's long and difficult installation. He is one of your best employees! Josh was here today to service the air conditioner ...unit. Because he assured me that he was wearing a state-of-the art mask, gloves, and booties, I felt safe letting him in to work in the basement. I helped by turning the thermostat on and off to the temperatures he wanted, so it all worked out well. He did a fine job!Read More...

Andrew Bonthius
Andrew Bonthius 5.0

Tim was right on time for the appt. He was very thorough in his inspection of our current heating and cooling system. He was professional and answered all my questions.

Nate Pace
Nate Pace 5.0

Always, polite, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough.

hughes 5.0

Tech Josh did a good job of servicing my A/C unit. Stayed six feet away with a minimal amount of time inside.

David Harris
David Harris 2.0

Why did a $90 service charge turn into $1,169 being taken out of my account. I see that debit to my account but do not see a correcting credit. I hope no checks go through before you issue the credit.

Binnie Pappas
Binnie Pappas 5.0

PK Wadsworth has our back! We've been with PK for furnace, AC and hot water unit servicing and replacement for many years. Today was our first ever exterior-only AC service experience for routine maintenance. They took care of all the important outside ...unit stuff, and I'll give them a call to complete the interior portion whenever we're ready to let their tech in our home, even if it's in June or July. Thank you!Read More...

Joe Hahn
Joe Hahn 5.0

Eric did a terrific job and was professional and courteous through the event.

Ronald Lutz
Ronald Lutz 5.0

Nikki Clark
Nikki Clark 5.0

There are no words to say how wonderful this company has been the team that worked in our home for two weeks dedicated to make sure everything was perfect! These guys were awesome they were so in tuned to who we were and what we needed for our home they ...feel like family! I can’t recommend them enough I can’t say enough good things about them. I really hope That all of you use Pk Wad’s birth and ask for Brad if you need heating and cooling for your home. Sal who was our sales person and Mike who was our project manager were on site responsive and truly cared that we were happy and things are going well. Give them a try guys there awesome!Read More...

Walter Bergstrom
Walter Bergstrom 5.0

Barry Linda DeBord
Barry Linda DeBord 4.0

craig steinmetz
craig steinmetz 5.0

My wife said everything went well. Great service and was on time. We have hot water again. Thanks so much

Steph Steinmetz
Steph Steinmetz 5.0

Bob McRae
Bob McRae 5.0

Annual maintenance performed flawlessly

Ellie Simek
Ellie Simek 5.0

Quickley solved my problem

Santo Cuollo
Santo Cuollo 4.0

Well organized company that knows how to market as well as care for customers.

Morgan Curtiss
Morgan Curtiss 5.0

Andrew Beechler
Andrew Beechler 5.0

Sherrie Morpri
Sherrie Morpri 5.0

Johnette Jernigan
Johnette Jernigan 5.0

Eric Malkin
Eric Malkin 5.0

Great service! Polite and knowledgeable tech. Eric

Kyle McClain
Kyle McClain 5.0

William Issa
William Issa 5.0

I can not imagine a more perfect experience or service person. Colin, our latest technician, was literally perfect in every aspect. He was prompt, clean, professional and explained EVERYTHING patiently and thoroughly.

Jason Schermer
Jason Schermer 5.0

Very professional and knowledgeable. Prompt and efficient service. Eric took the time to show us what he found regarding the issue we had and was able to quickly take care of it. Cannot recommend them enough!

Brad Raulston
Brad Raulston 5.0

Very positive sales experience. Everything was clearly outlined and multiple options provided

Mark Pasher
Mark Pasher 5.0

Ray Cefn Griffiths
Ray Cefn Griffiths 5.0

Shania provided us excellent service and once completed, fully reviewed her findings and pleasantly answered all of our questions. A true professional!

Charles Pinkney
Charles Pinkney 5.0

Timely response.

Karen Corrigan
Karen Corrigan 5.0

Jacob was awesome. He spent a lot of time here and explained everything.

Leona Herzegh
Leona Herzegh 5.0

The techs ran late today. Usually they have been very prompt. When the tech got here she was very professional, efficient, and friendly. Delays do happen.

John Zappola
John Zappola 5.0

Clarence was great. He explained everything, did the work and cleaned up. I can’t say enough about him and the overall service. This was right out of their training manual. Give that man a raise.

John Zappola
John Zappola 5.0

Clarence was such a pro. He even made us having to spend $800 or $900 palatable. He explained the why's and what's of what needed to be done. Hang on to Clarence. He is a pro. Give that man a raise.

Phyllis Sabatka
Phyllis Sabatka 5.0

Clarence was our technician and and we was great! Extremely polite and professional. He took the time to explain and show us what the problem was with the furnace. He thoroughly explained the process of the repairs to our satisfaction. We will ...definitely use P.K. Wadsworth again to have our cooling system checked when the weather warms up and we will request Clarence!Read More...

Larry Tomec
Larry Tomec 5.0

PK is always on time and delivers professional service.

Curt Prinz
Curt Prinz 5.0

Jon E
Jon E 5.0

Josh installed a new thermostat system with room sensors for our home’s furnace.. He also took the initiative to clean up the wiring from the old system . Extremely professional in every aspect, including explanations and instructions.

Robert Wuench
Robert Wuench 5.0

Great install. Seems to have fixed an ongoing nuisance issue with the humidifier.

Kieran Drain
Kieran Drain 5.0

Rich Liu
Rich Liu 5.0

Expert service on a technical level. I have a boiler system and the service representative was Kyle. He was very knowledgeable and solved the ignition issue rapidly. Conversely I had another company out last year that misdiagnosed an A/C issue twice, ...but charged me for their failed efforts. So, with Kyle and P.K. Wadsworth, I was very happy.Read More...

Erin Nunn Fairman
Erin Nunn Fairman 5.0

We woke up to a flooded basement due to a pinhole leak in the expansion tank. Calling and scheduling was easy. Clarence was on time, friendly, spent time explaining the situation to me and solution to fix, etc. He was also very friendly to my dogs. Thank ...you, Clarence!Read More...

John Hale
John Hale 5.0

Gayle Kostelec
Gayle Kostelec 5.0

Eric was excellent as usual. Punctual, personable, and thorough. Great customer service.

Robert Higgs
Robert Higgs 5.0

Christopher was clearly knowledgeable about the product. He arrived to diagnose problems we had with a water heater and explained clearly what he found, showing us the trouble areas. He handled the replacement work quickly and efficiently.

David Turben
David Turben 5.0

polite, efficient and gave our furnace a clean bill of health!!!

dalvonte morris
dalvonte morris 5.0

My go to for everything HVAC!

Pat Fallon
Pat Fallon 5.0

Josh came introduced himself checked everything and explained everything to me; was neat, personable and gave me some ideas of how to check stuff etc. altogether he was exceptionable and I thank you for the service call

Mary Kim
Mary Kim 5.0

Clarence was wonderful. My grandma calls him an angel in disguise. We had a broken heater and he came right away even though it was late at night and so cold. Thank you Clarence. We love your business because of Clarence.


The tech was very honest and truth worth