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Cleveland Air PurifierModern HVAC systems pay special attention to home air quality. Do to the energy conservation concerns today's homes are often built to preserve the indoor environment while being tightly sealed. This can lead to mold, bacteria and toxins to build up within a home. P.K. Wadsworth offers a complete line of HVAC integrated indoor air quality systems in order to provide fresh pure air indoors.

Odors, pollen, dust, dander and pollutants in the air are cleaned by our line of purifiers. Airborne pollutants are trapped by many filters within the system and the pollutant-free air is pushed throughout the home. P.K Wadsworth employs both electrostatic plate systems and filter systems.

Carbon filters are also commonly used to clean the pollutants in the air. Pre-filters are deployed in many air purifiers and are used to capture larger air pollutants like dust in order to maintain the lifespan of the HEPA filter. A P.K. Wadsworth HEPA filter will alleviate almost 100% of all air pollutants in a home.