Whole-Home Humidifier Services in the Greater Cleveland Area

Winter air can dry out noses, throats, and skin. It also can damage wallpaper, paint, and wood. The right humidifier will deliver the correct amount of moisture so you can avoid these problems!

  • Too little moisture allows cold-weather viruses to thrive and chaps skin and lips.
  • Too much moisture can welcome unwanted guests like mold or dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions.

The key to achieving and maintaining the right humidity level in your home is professional installation and care. P.K. Wadsworth expertly installs and maintains humidifiers that deliver ideal moisture levels safely, simply and effectively.

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Whole-Home Humidifier Installation in the Cleveland Area

Whole-home humidifier systems incorporated directly with your existing HVAC equipment can offer a wide range of excellent benefits. These include health perks, an efficiency boost for your home heating, and even a cleaner home with less dust. But in order to get the most from your system, and in order to enjoy all of the benefits associated with the system, you need the right team to perform your new system installation!

It won’t do to put just anything in your home. You need the right humidifier type, and once that’s chosen, you need a team with extensive experience and knowledge of modern humidifier systems to perform the installation. At P.K. Wadsworth our team handles and installs all whole-home systems, including:

  • Ultrasonic and impeller humidifiers

  • Evaporative humidifiers

  • Steam vaporizer systems

We make getting healthy, breathable, and comfortable air in your home a breeze! Whether you suffer from the allergies common to the Ohio area, you deal with dry skin all year long, or you just want a better quality of air in your home, we’re the experts that have you covered across the board.

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Humidifier Replacement Services

Even the hardiest system chosen by the best manufacturers in the business has a lifespan. Once your humidifier’s time is up, you want a team of experts on your side that can offer swift, accurate replacement services. Need to restore the healthy, adequately humid air in your home? P.K. Wadsworth is here to help! Our trained technicians can assess your current system and offer a complete replacement that ensures you’ll get years of great performance.

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Humidifier Repair & Maintenance in Cleveland, OH

Is your humidifier failing to impress or falling behind, or has it just kicked the bucket altogether? Our repair and support services teams stand ready to help! With our experience on your side, we can ensure your humidifier gets the attention and care it needs.

With our top-class diagnostic tools and superior training, we can offer all of the maintenance and repair services you need. And we don’t stop there! Your HVAC technician will walk you through the whole care process, empowering you to handle the basic maintenance your humidifier system needs in order to keep working at its best and most efficient.

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Breathe Easy with Us

A humidifier maintained or installed by P.K. Wadsworth is one you can trust. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have shown that humidifiers can disperse harmful materials, such as large amounts of minerals or airborne organisms, if not properly operated and cleaned.

Our HVAC technicians will use the right systems and show you how to easily maintain them to ensure smooth operation between service intervals. From teaching you basics like how to control your humidifier to helping you choose the right solution for your specific needs, we’ll use our expertise to guarantee the air in your home is healthy. This is especially beneficial for young children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory issues.

Schedule Whole-Home Humidifier Services in the Cleveland Area

All humidifiers create moist air, but each type works differently. Some are safer and more effective than others. The simplest units are portable consoles designed for floor use, while central, whole home humidifiers can be built into HVAC systems to humidify an entire house. Specific varieties use different technologies and require the right care and attention:

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers and impeller humidifiers create a cool mist, but can be prone to dispersing microorganisms and minerals. This can be mitigated with the right care.
  • Evaporative humidifiers transmit moisture by blowing air through a moistened material. This generally disperses few pollutants, but care must be taken to ensure that their tanks do not grow microorganisms.
  • Steam vaporizers create steam by heating water electrically and cooling the steam prior to dispersing it. Like evaporative humidifiers, they produce fewer airborne pollutants, but require vigilance to ensure clean tanks.

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"Ryan did an excellent AC check, electronic air filter check and humidifier check. Very thorough, plus very polite and nice!"

-Sydney S., Cleveland, Ohio

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