Whole-Home Humidifier Replacement in Cleveland, OH

Whole-home humidifiers help keep you cool and comfortable. At P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling, whole-home humidifier installation and replacement is one of the specialty services that our clients count on us to provide. Our team will help you correctly calculate the appropriately sized humidifier and the ideal type of humidifier for your home.   

Installing Whole-Home Humidifiers in Your Cleveland Home

Whole-home humidifiers are typically attached to the stack on the forced-air furnace. This allows for the humidifier to draw water from either the hot or cold water pipes. The humidifier may also be installed on the return air vent where it is able to add moisture into the air before it is heated within the furnace. It is possible to install the unit via a bypass duct as well. This configuration allows the humidifier to reintroduce the humidified air into the air as it is blown through the ducts and into the rooms in your home.    

The installation process is fast and typically takes less than a few hours to complete. Once the whole-home humidifier is installed, our trained HVAC technicians will show you how to operate the unit, perform basic troubleshooting, and conduct routine maintenance tasks. Before we leave, we will make sure you are comfortable controlling the unit and adjusting it for your specific comfort.  

Contact P.K. Wadsworth at (855) 996-5675 to learn more about the whole-home humidifier we can install in your home. Our team of certified HVAC specialists will help you choose the configuration that is ideally suited for your home and existing furnace.

Maintaining Your Whole-Home Humidifier in Cleveland, OH

Maintaining a whole-home humidifier isn't as hard as you may think. You will want to replace the filter, evaporator pad, and water pad at least once per year. You will also need to wipe away any dust or debris that collect on the unit. Cleaning the outer body helps protect components from contamination and damage. It is also important to check the humidifier for leaks or any damaged or loose electrical connections. Of particular importance, you will want to check the water supply line and drain line, as well as the shutoff valve and the humidifier enclosure.  

When to Replace Your Whole-Home Humidifier

Whole-home humidifiers have an average life span of about 10 years. At this point, they won't provide the same level of operational quality as a newer unit. They also tend to require more maintenance, cause higher utility bills, and deliver less efficiency. Upgrading your whole-home humidifier can improve your comfort, reduce energy consumption, and provide more effective comfort control throughout the home.

Contact P.K. Wadsworth at (855) 996-5675 to learn more about the whole-home humidifiers we offer. It is our pleasure to help you choose the unit that will deliver your desired comfort. 

Signs You Need a Whole-Home Humidifier

If you have itchy eyes, persistent irritation in the nasal passages, or dry skin that won't heal, then it's possible that you would benefit from a whole-home humidifier. Measuring the amount of humidity in the air can help you determine whether a humidifier would ease persistent health problems. Our team can help you identify the levels of humidity in your home and determine the best way to equalize the humidity to create the maximum level of comfort for you and your family.  

Contact P.K. Wadsworth at (855) 996-5675 to learn more about the services we provide in Cleveland, OH. We are happy to help you clear the air in your home and help you breathe easier year-round.