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A Zoning System Provides Several Benefits to Cleveland Area Homeowners

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

zoning-system_1413316105.jpgAdding a zoning system to your home is something many homeowners don't think about. However, when used correctly, the zoning system benefits can lower energy costs and make a house more comfortable year-round. Knowing more about a zoning system is where you start to understand its benefits.

A Brief Introduction to Zoning Systems

The only place in your home that matches the thermostat's setting is right in front of it. A zoning system allows you to establish different climate zones within your home. You'll have a programmable thermostat in each zone that allows you to change the temperature in that area independent from other areas in the home. Furthermore, you can set up zones that best suit your home's layout and your family's routines. 

In the summer, for example, when the thermostat finds the zone's temperature has risen higher than the thermostat's setting, it sends a signal to the central panel. The central panel signals the air conditioner to start up. At the same time, it signals to dampers in the ductwork between the A/C unit and the thermostat's zone to open up. This will allow the air to get to the appropriate zone. Once the thermostat finds the air is cool enough, it sends another signal to the central panel. At that point, the panel signals the A/C unit to shut down and the dampers to close.  The process is exactly the same in the winter for heating.

We would never contemplate turning on all the lights in your home with just one light switch! But when you think about it, that is is exactly what the single thermostat system does.  We are all sleeping upstairs at night and there is no one on the first floor and the opposite is true during the day. Why pay to heat and cool these areas fully when they are unoccupied?

Benefits of Adding a Zoning System in Your Home

  • Comfort - You can keep one area of the home at a comfortable temperature while allowing the rest of the house to be at an energy savings level.
  • Efficiency - Being able to control a smaller area of your home will allow you to save energy year-round. That will save you a lot of money.
  • Control - You can adjust the temperature and airflow to a particular zone without affecting the rest of the zones in your home.

If you want to talk with an HVAC professional about zoning system benefits, contact us here at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling.



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