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What Are the Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Tue, Mar 01, 2011 @ 01:46 PM

Heat recovery ventilators deliver fresh outdoor air that has been filtered indoors, which means cleaner air and reduced humidity. Many homeowners open windows to bring in fresh air even when the heat or air is running, but this means higher costs on your energy bills.  Your system will run longer when a portion of the heated or cooled air is going out the window instead of staying inside.  Heat recovery ventilators solve this problem by bringing fresh, filtered air into your home continuously.

Today, many homes are built so tightly that unhealthy air can build up inside; heat recovery ventilators help you avoid this potentially dangerous condition.  The air that is trapped inside your home cannot renew itself, so it becomes stale.  Heat recovery ventilators bring in a constant flow of fresh filtered air, which can often help relieve allergy symptoms, colds and other respiratory problems.

When humidity levels inside your home are high, heat recovery ventilators help remove the moisture.  Some homes experience high humidity because of inadequate ventilation; if you notice moisture building up on your window sills or windows, it could be that your current system isn’t working efficiently.

Heat recovery ventilators remove stale and polluted air from inside your home while providing fresh air on a continuous basis. Most of the time, heat recovery ventilators can be connected to existing ductwork. As the stale air is exhausted to the outside through the unit and the fresh air is drawn in, the two pass each other without mixing within the heat exchanger core.

Another benefit of heat recovery ventilators is that incoming air will be preheated during cold months and pre-cooled during the hot summer months.

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