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Control Energy Costs This Winter With A Programmable Thermostat

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Sat, Nov 06, 2010 @ 01:35 PM

You are at work, your spouse is out of the home and your kids are at school; and while you work, your heater is busy keeping your house warm for… nobody.

Wait a minute! What was that you said? My heating system is keeping the house warm for nobody? Why, that sounds like I’m throwing money away!

Yes, it’s true; most people are actually throwing money away, heating their homes, because they didn’t invest in a programmable thermostat.

Depending on your family’s schedule, a programmable thermostat can cut your heating bills by as much as 30 percent for most heating and cooling systems.  (Note: heat pump systems operate a bit differently and will need a special control to yield saving with setback.  We will describe this in more detail in future blog posts.)  “How does it do that?” You may ask. Simply put, a properly set-up programmable thermostat only heats your home when your family needs it heated.  All other times, the house is allowed to drop to a cooler temperature.   Again government and industry studies routinely confirm these savings as long as the thermostat is set up as described.

There are two basic times in a day when your family isn’t using the heat:

  • When everyone is out of the house for work and school.
  • When everyone is asleep.

Without you having to do anything, your programmable thermostat will automatically lower the house during these two times, saving you money on your heating bill.

Programmable thermostats come in three basic types:

  • 5 – 2 day programmable thermostats, which allow for different settings on the weekdays and weekends
  • 5 – 1 – 1 day programmable thermostats, which allow Saturday and Sunday to each have their own settings, different than those on weekdays
  • 7 day programmable thermostats, which allow every day to have its own settings

Which thermostat would be best for you depends on your family’s schedule. The more varied your days, the more flexible your thermostat needs to be.  If you’re not sure which model you need, our trained professionals are ready to help you pick the one that’s right for you.

P.K. Wadsworth services the Greater Cleveland, OH area including cities Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights, Eastlake or anywhere in between.  To get started, check out our website.

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