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Keeping your HVAC Equipment Tuned

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Sat, Oct 09, 2010 @ 01:49 PM

There are many benefits to keeping your HVAC equipment tuned, the most obvious of which are that maintenance improves the life spans of system components, augments comfort levels, and saves homeowners considerable money over time.  HVAC units require regular servicing or you run the risk of system failure.  So, it’s recommended that your systems have professional tune-ups at least once or twice a year.  Inspections will reveal a number of potential problems which, if addressed early, will head off major repairs down the line.

Here are some basic points of inspection for your HVAC equipment:

1. Inspect the condensate drain. Whether you are have heat pump, furnace, or central air conditioner, it is important to check the condensate drain because plugged drains can affect humidity levels and cause water damage.

2. Lubricate moving parts. Un-lubricated parts cause friction that expends unnecessary energy.

3. Check system controls. By checking the equipment’s starting cycles, you will  marked improve the chances that it operates properly and safely.

4. Check thermostat. In monitoring your thermostat settings, it is more likely that the HVAC unit works properly and efficiently.

5. Tighten electrical connections. Faulty connections can be very hazardous and  shorten the lifespan of your HVAC unit dramatically.

6. Run system through heating cycle. Here, you or the contractor will ensure there is plenty of chimney draft and air combustion.  This is also an opportunity to test the carbon monoxide levels and tune the efficincy of the unit’s combustion.

7. Inspect, clean or change air filters. Dirty filters can reduce required airflow and therefore raise your electric bill and damage your equipment; thus, it is important to monitor the air filters.  Your contractor check its condition and can demonstrate the proper techniques for changing the filter installed in your equipment.

8. Check all gas/oil connections, burner combustion and gas pressure for heating equipment. Gas/oil connections can be hazardous and cause health problems; cracked heat exchangers and dirty burners can result in poor burner operation.  If you ignore these problems, then your equipment will operate less efficiency and safely.

9. Clean blower components and air conditioning coils for cooling equipment. Clean blower components will result in clearer airflow and more comfort while clean air conditioning coils prolong the life of your equipment andhelp it to deliver maximum capacity at the best efficiency.

10. Adjust blower components. Doing this will also enhance your system’s efficiency and result in greater comfort.

By following these basic maintenance guidelines, you will be helping to ensure your equipment operates efficiently for longer.  You’ll also have  greater peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family will be less subject to problems and discomfort.  Contact us to schedule your HVAC system tune-up.  We can help you and your family stay comfortable and less susceptible to costly future system repairs.

P.K. Wadsworth services the Greater Cleveland, OH area including cities Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights, Eastlake or anywhere in between.  To get started, check out our website.

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