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Why you Need to Keep your Coils Clean

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Mon, Jun 14, 2010 @ 11:17 AM

We can’t say it enough– regular maintenance is vital to the efficient operation of your heating and cooling systems!  Air conditioning coils, for example, play an important role in your comfort.  If your A/C is not keeping you as cool as it should, or you start noticing that your summer energy bills are climbing, you should check your coils.  Coil inspection is one of the points covered during a contractor’s bi-yearly visits, but homeowners can also easily check on some of these important components to ensure that they’re functioning properly.

Why does it matter?   Air conditioners use the same basic components as your refrigerator. Refrigerators use energy to transfer heat from the cool interior of the refrigerator to the warmer interior of your home.  Your A/C unit also uses energy to transfer heat from the interior of your home to the outside, which is usually warmer. The coils in your A/C system make this happen.

Your A/C system has two coils– one in the indoor evaporator and another in the outside condenser unit. The cold indoor evaporator cools your home.  The hot outside condenser releases the collected heat outside.  The evaporator coil holds refrigerant, which absorbs heat from the indoor air, becomes a gas, then goes to the outdoor condenser.  In your outdoor unit, the condenser coil stores this hot refrigerant gas.  A fan blows across the gas, cooling it and turning it into a liquid.  The heat is then expelled into the outside air.

These coils play a big role in keeping your home cool by transferring hot and cold air. Keeping them clean is vital to their efficient operation, as dirty coils cause your system to work harder and can lead to more repairs over time.  Here are some tips for keeping your A/C coils clean and in good condition:

1. Change the filter- The air filter helps keep your coils free from dirt and debris, so it should be checked every month or so, and replaced as necessary.  There are many filter options so check with your HVAC specialist and make sure you are using the correct filter and that it is being replaced in the correct interval.

2. Clear the area- The space around your outdoor condenser should be free from foliage, dirt and debris.  Don’t plant anything closer than 18 inches from the unit, and clear away all leaves and other debris from the coils regularly.

3. Comb fins- Your coil fins may become bent over time.  Your HVAC contractor can straighten them out with a fin comb to maintain the proper amount of air flow.

Cleaning the actual coils is a job that most homeowners like to leave to professionals.  When needed, we clean coils as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.  Together, we can keep your coils clean and in good condition so that your air conditioning doesn’t let you down when you need it.  Contact us for more information on A/C maintenance, and what you can do to keep your system running efficiently.

P.K. Wadsworth services the Greater Cleveland, OH area including cities Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights, Eastlake or anywhere in between.  To get started, check out our website.

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