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Five Energy Saving Tips for Your Northeast Ohio Home

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Wed, Apr 21, 2010 @ 11:36 AM

Welcome to our new blog!  We hope you find it to be a helpful source of information about heating and cooling your Northeast Ohio home.  In upcoming posts, we’ll be talking about how you can save money on your energy costs, focusing on 5 areas of concern to homeowners.  Whether you live in Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights, Eastlake or anywhere in between, Cleveland-area weather is sure to strain your energy budget this year.  So, over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss:

1. Maintenance- Did you know that a well-maintained heating and cooling system can save you 15-20% on your energy costs?  Taking simple steps, such as checking your thermostat settings, replacing filters and tightening electrical connections can make a big difference.

2. Thermostats- Whether you use manual or programmable, you can save money on energy costs just by making sure your thermostats are properly installed and set.  A certified HVAC contractor can help you determine the proper settings for maximum energy savings.

3. Equipment replacement- Even if your system seems to run just fine, if it’s over 10 years old it could be using up to 50% more fuel than a new, energy-efficient system.

4. Filters- An easy way to keep your system running efficiently is to check filters regularly, and replace dirty filters as necessary.  Dirty filters slow down air flow and make your system work harder to keep you comfortable.

5. Heating and cooling ducts- Improperly sealed ducts typically cause 20% of your conditioned air to be lost due to leaks, holes and gaps.  The result:  higher energy bills and reduced comfort.

We’ll cover these subjects in more detail in future posts.  Stay tuned!

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