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We Can’t Change Gas Prices, But We Have Energy Savings Tips

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Tue, Apr 19, 2011 @ 05:06 PM

With gasoline prices on the rise, Greater Cleveland area homeowners are on the lookout for more ways to save money. We can’t lower your cost at the pump, but we can give you a few tips for whole-house energy savings that could ease the strain on your wallet.

  • Seal air leaks to seal in energy savings. Air leaks are usually located where different materials in your home come together, such as window and door frames, around vents and outdoor faucets. Seal them up to prevent expensive, conditioned air from escaping with weather stripping, spray foam or caulk. If you need assistance identifying air leaks, give us a call.
  • High efficiency light bulbs can generate great energy savings. Compared to standard bulbs, high-efficiency bulbs use 75 percent less energy. They generally last longer, too.
  • Seal and insulate your ductwork. Roughly 20 percent of energy is lost through inadequate ductwork in the average Greater Cleveland home. Many issues contribute to this such as leaks, disjointed connections, improper insulation or faulty design. Since most ducts aren’t easily reached, give us a call to have them inspected and serviced for energy savings.
  • Upgrade your insulation. Energy savings may be leaking through your ceiling if your insulation is inadequate. Energy Star recommends R-38 grade insulation in your attic, which many homes built before 1980 don’t have. However, each home is different, and it’s a good idea to have yours assessed before making adjustments.
  • Consider replacing your old A/C or furnace with a new, high efficiency model. High-efficiency air conditioners and furnaces produce more cool or warm air per energy unit than older models. To find a model that gets great energy savings, look for the blue and white Energy Star label or call P.K. Wadsworth.  Over the life of a home comfort system, the unit will consume approximately 4-5 times the initial cost of installation in utility costs, so it makes sense to investigate more efficient units to reduce your overall life cycle costs.
  • Use a programmable thermostat for convenient comfort. Using a programmable thermostat correctly can dramatically increase a home’s energy savings, while also contributing to your peace of mind.

For more energy savings strategies, consult Energy Star’s Home Advisor, then contact  P.K. Wadsworth. Download a free copy of our Home Comfort Solutions Guide. It’s packed with useful and easy-to-understand information about how to get the most out of your HVAC home system.  We’re happy to help Greater Cleveland homeowners achieve energy savings while staying comfortable.

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