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Control Temperature And Comfort With Ductless Mini Splits

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Mon, May 02, 2011 @ 09:03 AM
Ductless Mini Splits

Have you recently remodeled or added an addition to your home? Perhaps you’ve finished your basement or attic? Keeping these spaces comfortable can be a challenge, especially when your existing ductwork can't be easily extended to provide heating and cooling or they behave differently than the rest of your house owing to location, unique construction with a lot of glass or other architectural elements,etc.  The worst thing that can happen is to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful space and then it is so uncomfortable that you can't spend time in it! 

Ductless mini-split systems offer temperature control and comfort for areas that your original HVAC system just can’t get to or isn't sized to handle. It’s also a great option for rooms you’d like to keep on separate controls from the main system such as guest rooms. Ductless mini split systems are available for both heating and cooling.

A ductless mini-split system consists of two parts: a compressor, which goes outside, and an air handler, which goes inside. They're linked by a small conduit with tubing and wiring  that is passed through a small hole in the wall. This conduit can be short, or in some cases more than 100 feet long.

Ductless mini-split units are small, but powerful enough to cool or heat a good-sized area. Some systems consist of a single unit, to serve one zone, but some have multiple units to handle many different areas. In these more expansive systems, each of the units has its own thermostat. You can adjust the temperature of each zone. In this way, ductless mini splits save energy by only fully conditioning the areas that you want handled at any given time.  the other areas are set back as you dictate thus reducing energy costs.

Because they are very quiet and can be mounted on the wall or near the ceiling, ductless mini splits are unobtrusive. They’re perfect for allowing guests to control the comfort of their own rooms. 

Call P.K. Wadsworth if you have questions about ductless mini-split systems. We’ll be happy to help.

Photo credit: Hugger Industries 

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