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Ductwork Affects the Most Efficient HVAC System

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Wed, Jun 29, 2011 @ 09:37 AM

Home heating and cooling equipment is a necessary expense, but it's also an investment. With an investment, Cleveland homeowners want the highest dividends possible for the least risk. With HVAC equipment, that means keeping it well-serviced, tweaking it for the best performance and enhancing it so that it always performs at peak capacity.ductwork

One way to enhance a forced-air system is with good ductwork. If your ducts were not installed with a good design, you're losing in energy costs. A good ductwork design delivers warmed or cooled air in the most direct and efficient way possible. Much like clogged arteries in the human body, ductwork that was poorly designed and installed reduces your equipment's performance and costs you more to operate it.


Below are some problems your ductwork may be causing:

  • Leaks: Ducts can become loose at seams or connections. When this happens, you can leak out conditioned air before it reaches its desired destination.
  • Awkward Runs: Ductwork designs have often been to make things easy for the installer rather than the occupant. Long runs, odd turns and twists and strange branches in ducting may have made the job easier or more profitable for the original HVAC company. Ductwork should run as direct as possible and be properly sized. Otherwise, it slows/reduces airflow and causes comfort problems inside the home.
  • Unshielded or Uninsulated Ducts: Ideally, ductwork should be in shielded or conditioned spaces in a home. When this isn't possible, it should be insulated thoroughly. Otherwise, it loses heated or cooled air.

The best equipment available can't work to maximum efficiency through poor ductwork. The less temperature loss from equipment and ductwork to your home's interior, the better. It is even more important to properly insulate and seal ducts that run in unconditioned areas of a structure.  A ductwork system that is direct, properly shielded from temperature extremes and sealed allows your equipment to work at peak performance and distributes air more evenly.

Protect your investment. Contact our technicians at P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling. We can look at your ductwork design and installation to see if it can be improved. We can also service your equipment to increase its life and performance.

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