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Why Your Air Conditioning System needs Maintenance

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Wed, Aug 03, 2011 @ 10:39 AM

Extending the life of your air conditioning equipment requires ongoing care and maintenance. If you've been neglecting your A/C system, a preventive maintenance package can ward off an equipment malfunction or breakdown -- and the accompanying repair bill or replacement cost.why an ac tune-up

It helps to know the major components of your air conditioning system and what goes into its proper care. Here's an overview of some key air conditioner components:


  • The ductwork. Your ducts connect the rooms in your home to your air conditioner and create a route through which cooled air travels. Over time, ducts tend to get dusty and dirty. They should be kept clean to help ensure indoor air quality.
  • The blower. Your air blower circulates conditioned air through your ductwork, which delivers it to the rooms in your home. Dirty blower blades can inhibit efficiency.
  • The air vents. Some homes, particularly older ones, have separate supply and return vents. These need to be kept clean and free of dust and debris to prevent indoor air pollution and ensure overall system efficiency.
  • The evaporator coil. This vital component absorbs heat from the air you want to cool. When it's soiled, the accumulated grime can insulate the coil, preventing it from doing its job and compromising your air conditioner's effectiveness.
  • The condensate drain. Condensation results from the air-cooling process. A clogged drain pan can become corroded and back up the drain lines.

A professional's expertise and skill go a long way toward extending your air-conditioning system's lifespan. At P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling, our air conditioner tuneup includes an analysis of your air delivery system, to make sure you're getting the best airflow possible in all parts of your home. We also check for minor problems that can turn into major problems during peak use. 

Preventive maintenance improves system efficiency and helps to keep utility bills in check. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit. 

Photo Credit:  Danielle Page

ac tune-up

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