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How Do I Know If My Heating Or Air Conditioning Unit Needs Service?

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Mon, Sep 05, 2011 @ 10:14 AM

Many households use their HVAC equipment every day for comfort and convenience. But when heating and air conditioning problems arise, it’s anything but convenient. Trouble can be loud and clear, such as in a system with screeching parts, or it can show up subtly, as with unaccounted for rising utility bills.

Suspect your heating or cooling system might need professional help? Here are some temperature-related issues that may call for heating and air conditioning service:


Temperature-related issues that may require service:temperature related issues impacting hvac equipment

  • The A/C won’t produce cool air or lacks the punch it used to have.
  • The furnace won’t produce warm air or lacks the punch as above.
  • The indoor A/C unit runs, but the outdoor unit doesn’t. Vice versa applies, too. If neither unit is running, it’s time for heating and air conditioning service.
  • The system runs constantly. This could be caused by a temperature setting the system is having trouble reaching.
  • The system won’t run at all.
  • Rooms that are hard to keep cool or warm are classic indicators that it’s time for heating and air conditioning service.


Other problems that may signal a need for heating and air conditioning service are:

  • The circuit breaker trips when the system cycles on.
  • Your utility bills have spiked.
  • You’ve invested in frequent heating and air conditioning service, but the system keeps malfunctioning and your utility bills keep rising.
  • You're noticing you have no or lower airflow, though the system seems to be running. This could simply be clogged or dirty air filters, or it could more complicated. Dirty coils also cause problems.
  • The drain pan keeps overflowing. The overflow switch may be malfunctioning and require heating and air conditioning service.
  • Dust accumulates on surfaces in your home and wafts through the air when the system cycles more than usual.
  • Any unusual noises that are unfamiliar.

On average, HVAC equipment can last around 15 to 20 years, assuming you invest in regular heating and air conditioning service. Preventive maintenance is the first line of defense against repairs and failure. It keeps your system at peak efficiency and can even increase its lifespan.

HVAC troubles aren’t always easy to diagnose. Call P K Wadsworth for heating and air conditioning service. We can get your system running efficiently.  Download our free guide "Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Heating and Cooling System" and find out how you can keep your system running efficiently.

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