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What Kind Of Lifespan Can I Expect From A Heat Pump?

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 09:28 AM

extending heat pump lifespanThe average life span of an air-source heat pump is about 15 years, but they can give out much sooner if they are neglected. Every unit’s life expectancy is going to be different depending on factors such as how much it is used and what its workload looks like. However, some systems manufactured within the past few years can last 20 years or more, assuming heat pump annual service is kept up with. Heat pump annual service has been proven to keep existing systems running efficiently and to ensure they last as long as possible.

A heat pump’s performance can be affected during installation, if the equipment isn’t sized proportionately to your home’s heating and cooling needs, and if proper installation techniques are not followed. Quality craftsmanship is an important but often overlooked factor in ensuring heat pump efficiency. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that professional heat pump annual service  can increase your system’s efficiency by up to 25 percent, while increasing its life span by up to 30 percent.

One factor that significantly affects a heat pump’s performance is adequate airflow. The typical system should provide about 400-500 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of conditioned airflow. If airflow falls much lower than 350 cfm, the heat pump’s performance and life expectancy will be affected.

Other factors that affect air flow and lifespan include:

  • The efficiency of your air ducts
  • How often your change your air filter (Check it monthly, to ensure dirt doesn’t build up in the filter and restrict airflow.)
  • Incorrect refrigerant levels
  • How well your evaporator and condenser coils are maintained. (They should be cleaned regularly, as dust can accumulate quickly in the tiny gaps between the fins on the coils.)
  • The efficient use your thermostat
  • How well the blower is maintained (The blower is responsible for generating the airflow and forcing it through your ducts.)

If you give back to your system with heat pump annual service, it should keep you comfortable for many years to come. Call P.K. Wadsworth to schedule maintenance today. We’ll help you get the most out of your system.

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