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Keep Your Heating System Running Efficiently This Winter

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Fri, Nov 25, 2011 @ 09:24 AM

Winter Heating TipsThe temperature is dropping and for most of us, our heating systems are being relied on to keep us warm. What can you do to help your heating system run efficiently this winter?

  • Forced warm air systems are very popular in the greater Cleveland area.  Make sure the area around your air registers is clear so that nothing blocks your airflow. Furniture, drapes, etc. should all be moved from in front of both supply (air flows out) and returns (air flow in).   It is not a bad idea to vacuum the louvers and check to make sure the damper is fully open while checking each register.
  • If you have a boiler, vacuum your radiators or baseboards for best heat transfer and make sure they too are not blocked by carpet, drapes or furniture.
  • Get your thermostat ready for winter by changing batteries (if your control uses them) and making sure that the clock and programming are set correctly (remember daylight savings time).   If your CO detector has a battery, now is a good time to change that too.
  • If you are due for your precision tune up, call today to get on the schedule. If not, check to make sure your filter isn’t dirty. Studies have shown that preventive maintenance can improve your heating system’s efficiency up to 30%!
  • Consider getting an energy audit to determine where your home’s efficiency can be improved. 

Did you know?

You can even save energy by removing the screens from your windows. A standard screen blocks 25% of useful solar radiation during the cold winter months. Take full advantage of the sun’s ability to warm your home this winter and you can save money on your utility bills.

For more information about heat or energy recovery ventilators, contact the experts at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling. We'd love the chance to answer your questions.

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