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Avoid Surprises, And Know When To Call A Pro If Your Furnace Does This …

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Wed, Dec 28, 2011 @ 09:19 AM

call a furnace professionalHow do you if furnace troubleshooting is needed? Remember these three words: noises, odors and comfort. If you have a problem in any of these areas, it’s time to figure out what it is and how to fix it.

  • Noises. Is your furnace letting you know its age? The mechanical parts of your unit will eventually need replaced. Rattles, hums and clanks are signs that moving parts may need fixed.  If a new noise appears often something has changed and it can signal the need to pay attention.
  • Odors. It is often difficult to track down odors in the home. If you are getting a whiff of a strange odor, it may be natural gas. Dominion and Columbia Gas add a distinctive odorant to the fuel so that it’s easy to detect leaks. If you do smell gas, immediately leave the house and contact your gas utility. They can check to see if the situation is serious. You may also smell combustion gases that are not being properly vented. Fixing ventilation problems can often take care of those odors. Also, for greater peace of mind install a carbon monoxide detector if you haven’t already done so.
  • Comfort. Does it seem like your house used to be warmer when the furnace ran? Your unit may not be running as efficiently because of its age or some other problem.

If your unit is acting up and you can’t put your finger on the problem, contact P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling. Our professionals can determine the cause of even the most mysterious HVAC problem and figure out the best way to fix it – before your furnace has a meltdown.


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