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Room-By-Room Energy Savings For Whole-House Effects

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Mon, Feb 06, 2012 @ 02:34 PM

attic insulation for energy savingsFamilies committed to reducing their heating and cooling bills through energy savings should approach it as a whole-house project. While you may find ways in one room to stop air infiltration, for instance, energy-wasting appliances in another room may be draining away what you're saving. Each room contributes to the overall savings of the house. 

A few ways to increase energy efficiency throughout your home:

  • Living rooms. Get your thermostat calibrated properly. Even better, replace it with a programmable thermostat. Programmable units let you set back the temperature when you're not home or when you're sleeping, according to your family's schedule. They often lead to significant energy savings.
  • Kitchen and bathroom. Upgrade your hot-water heater to an energy-efficient version. Tankless models reduce standby energy loss associated with storage heaters and can be installed in configurations to best suit your household's needs.
  • Bedrooms. Consider upgrading your window-mounted air conditioners to higher-efficiency units -- new models offer energy-saving features -- or trading them in for a more-efficient whole-house A/C system. If you keep your window-mounted A/Cs, reduce energy loss in the winter by removing them for the season or protecting them with insulated covers.
  • Basement. Have you visited your furnace lately? Has anyone? Schedule regular preventive maintenance on your furnace to maximize energy efficiency and ward off breakdowns. Change your air filters regularly. And make sure your ductwork located in unheated areas is insulated and free of leaks. 
  • Attic. Check your insulation level in the attic. Adding extra insulation prevents heat loss in winter and heat infiltration in summer.  Be sure that the attic is properly ventilated and that all exhaust fans are routed completely to the outside and do not terminate in the attic space.

For more tips and advice on boosting your energy savings throughout your home, contact the certified heating and cooling professionals at P.K.Wadsworth Heating & Cooling.

Serving Greater Cleveland, we offer comprehensive Home Performance Assessments to pinpoint the sources of your home's energy waste and identify tailored solutions.

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