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Environmentally-Friendly Air Conditioners

Posted by P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling Guest Blogger on Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 01:10 PM

Today’s blog article was written by Victor Kasprzak, a marketing professional with Hyde-Whipp Heating & Air Conditioning in Orangeville (Ontario, Canada).

is your air conditioning energy efficientToday, it does seem like green is a very fashionable color to be and almost everything has a green variant and induces people to buy them for their reduced environmental impact. Thus, air conditioners are coming with an environmental tag, too. The green or eco-warriors would certainly support doing away with air conditioning altogether, but in today’s hot world, this may not be practical. So does the answer lie in going in for a green or environmental air conditioner installation?

One way of answering this question really is that every little step taken to protect the ecosystem and the environment is a step in the right direction. So an environmental air conditioner can be a mark of a good citizen.

Do Environmental Air Conditioners Really Have a Higher Green Conscience?

The costs of even a normal air conditioner can be the chill factor for most of us. A few of the leading brands of devices that offer heating and air conditioning do come with a higher price tag, but this is justified for the advanced technology and features they deliver.

Typically, air conditioners work and impact the environment during their manufacturing process and during their daily operations as well. After this, the importance of proper disposal is also critical to term an air conditioner truly environmental.

Thus, if one starts with the manufacturing process, environmental air conditioners should use non-hazardous raw materials and go through processes that are as eco-friendly as possible. Once an air conditioner installation has taken place it should minimize or optimize the use of electricity. Once its shelf life is over, it should be capable of being disposed of safely and not contribute to the immense amounts of dangerous e-waste piling up in the world.

Heating and air conditioning units also rely on the use of refrigerant of fluorocarbons which are the main ingredient in greenhouse gas emissions. So can these emissions be reduced?

There is growing use of HFCs (hydro fluorocarbons) for refrigerant. There is however, mixed viewpoints about this. HFCs do not deplete the ozone layer but is a greenhouse gas according to the Kyoto Protocol. Increasingly, the leading brands or manufacturers of environmental air conditioners are switching to the use of HFCs in their machines.

What about the Cost Factors?

Does the option of going in for an environmental air conditioner installation save money? Does it work out cost effective in the long run?

cost factors of an eco friendly air conditionerWell, some of the machines do come with a higher price tag. Manufacturers of heating and air conditioning units have to cater to the growing costs of environmental legislation laid down by agencies like the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency and even for the growth in customer demand for green machines. Research and development into the technology that can power environmental air conditioners also costs big companies a considerable amount of investment.

All these will certainly go into the making up of higher costs for the machine.

However, the payoff exists in the fact that a good and proven brand of environmental air conditioner will help by reducing the energy bills of an office or a home and this can be worth the money that you will pay for the machine.

There is also growing research into the concept of solar powered air conditioners which use a vacuum solar collector to run the machine. A smaller compressor is used (which again translates into lower power usage) and delivers energy savings and lower environmental impact as well. The technology is showing maturation and with more people adopting the same and increasing research being carried out in this area, one can have cost effective and environmentally safe air conditioners.

Hyde-Whipp Heating and Air Conditioning is Orangeville's leading provider of residential and commercial heating & cooling services for over 30 years. For more information visit www.hydewhipp.com.

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