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Energy-Saving Home Improvements: Consider The Long-Term Benefits

Posted by Paul Wadsworth on Mon, Jul 23, 2012 @ 01:34 PM

Summer is officially here and your air conditioner is likely running nonstop. Because energy spending can quickly get out of control, it's important to boost the efficiency of your cooling equipment by making simple energy-saving home improvements.


With these five tips you will enjoy a higher level of comfort and a lower utility bill:

  1. energy saving tips for homeDuct sealing: It is estimated that roughly 20 percent of your home's cool air supply is lost to leaks and holes in your ductwork. This is often the culprit for stuffy rooms, and uneven cooling throughout your house. Sealing up leaks with mastic sealant or metal tape is an easy energy saving home improvement project.
  2. Attic sealing and ventilation: Your attic can reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees, and this excess heat will extend to your entire home, raising cooling costs. Make sure that the attic space is properly ventilated and sealed from the house to reduce overall energy spending. A ventilated attic will also extend the life of your roofing materials.
  3. Insulation improvement: Whether you are planning on a DIY energy-saving home improvement project, or will be working with HVAC professionals, upgrading your home's insulation will improve your climate control's efficiency. Your home's current insulation levels will need to be evaluated, and measured against levels recommended by your utility company. If your current insulation is not enough, making the improvements will keep more cool air inside your home, reducing energy costs and boosting comfort.
  4. A/C locks: Unfortunately, refrigerant huffing is on the rise. Should your equipment be targeted, you will be facing large repair bills, as your system will no longer cool your home due to equipment strain and potential failure. Installing locks on your unit protects you, and your neighborhood children.
  5. System upgrade: Is your current air conditioner nearing retirement? If your equipment is 10 years old or above, you should seriously consider upgrading to a new, energy-efficient unit. The air conditioners on the market today run far more efficiently and can lead to huge long term savings. 

For more advice on energy saving home improvements, contact the experts at P.K. Wadsworth. We've been serving the Cleveland area since 1936.

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Paul WadsworthPaul Wadsworth is the President and Owner of P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling. For 37 years, Paul has been providing heating and cooling services to the Greater Cleveland area. P.K. Wadsworth has been a trusted Cleveland HVAC service company for 75 years. The company understand the area's construction and local heating and air conditioning needs. Paul has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a B.S., Industrial Engineering from Purdue University. He's been President of the Cleveland Air Conditioning Contractors of America and a founding member of the local chapter. Paul was born and raised in Cleveland and has been active in the local community. He resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and two sons.

The opinions and statements contained in this article are for general informational purposes only and are not instructions. Only trained, licensed and experienced personnel should attempt installation/repair. The author assumes no liability for the opinions/statements made in this article. Any individual attempting a repair or installation based on this article does so at their own risk of loss.

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