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An Efficient HVAC Motor Gives Year-Round Savings

Posted by P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling Guest Blogger on Fri, Feb 22, 2013 @ 04:04 PM

The following article was provided by J.C. Cuenca of Tiger Services in San Antonio, Texas.

Heating and cooling systems are highly complex and have many components—some that are high profile and others that can fall under the radar. If you're concerned with energy savings, an efficient HVAC motor is one part of the system that you should not forget.

Traditional Motors

hvac motors for year long energy savingsMany systems, especially ones installed 12 or more years ago, use low-efficiency motors. These motors have just one or two speeds and will engage only when the temperature changes from what is programmed into your thermostatJust as starting and stopping in your car is not efficient driving, neither is this on-again/off-again system an efficient way to maintaining consistent temperature. Today’s more efficient HVAC motors offer a wide variety of speeds, which allows them to provide a more comfortable temperature at a decreased cost over their lifetime.

More Efficient Motors

An efficient HVAC motor with a variety of speeds will automatically identify how best to move your air over the course of the day, sometimes pushing more air, and sometimes hardly any at all. Where a traditional motor may let air grow too warm/cold in one room and stagnant in another, these systems don’t. By more constantly pushing air through your home, temperatures see fewer fluctuations and the whole home actually feels more comfortable. The benefits of consistently circulating air means your unit will come on less often, even while comfort increases. This adds up to energy savings.

While some elements of your HVAC system can be adequately maintained alone, improvements and installation are best left to the professionals. Updating your heating and cooling system with an efficient HVAC motor is the kind of job that requires specific knowledge and experience.

For more information about an efficient HVAC motor, contact the professionals at P.K. Wadsworth if you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area and Tiger Services if you are in the San Antonio, Texas area. To read more of J.C.’s great blog, visit www.orangetiger.com.


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