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Boiler Efficiency: Is it Time to Upgrade?

Posted by P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling on Tue, Jan 12, 2016 @ 01:21 PM

boiler-efficiency-time-to-upgrade.jpgThe bad news: Your boiler is on the fritz.

The good news: You're not alone, PK Wadsworth is here to help. In fact, this situation may end up saving you money over the long term!

An old boiler is often an inefficient boiler. While you may think you're saving money by keeping Big Bertha running via repeat visits from your local HVAC company, in fact you are spending far more in the long run via unnecessary repair bills and increased utility spending.

3 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Boiler

The following are signs that it's time to upgrade an old boiler to a more efficient model:

  1. It is past the 20-year mark. According to Energy Star, an age of 15-20 years is a retirement indicator. Old boilers typically have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of 56% to 70%. Compare that with a new, energy-efficient boiler that should have an AFUE of 80% to 98.5%. That's a significant difference in energy consumption.
  2. Repair costs are 50% of a replacement unit.Analyze repair and maintenance costs over the past few years. If these figures add up to approximately 50% of a new boiler, it's time to go boiler shopping. At this point, you're spending too much to keep it running and are losing out on energy savings.
  3. Increased fuel consumption. Sure, fuel prices have gone up, but that doesn't affect fuel consumption. Use paper or online records from your local utility company to compare the household's fuel consumption for the last several heating seasons. If you observe a notable increase, it's time to research boiler replacement options.

The first-time cost for a new boiler may make you think twice. However, when you compare that amount with the lifetime cost demands of an old, inefficient boiler, a replacement makes more sense. Look for boilers with an Energy Star logo, which can be up to 12% more efficient than models that meet the federal minimum standard for energy efficiency.

Would you like assistance determining whether or not your Cleveland-area home needs a new boiler? Contact P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling, Inc. We've put our clients' needs first for more than 70 years.

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