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What to Do When Your Water Heater Doesn't Heat

Posted by P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling on Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 12:18 PM

what-to-do-when-heater-doesn't-heat.jpgHaving your hot water system stop heating can be a real pain. Dishes can't get done, people can't shower, and just having to wash your hands can be a pain when there is no hot water. There are several reasons a hot water system may stop heating water for your home:

  • Thermostat- If the thermostat on your hot water system has been turned down or it is malfunctioning, you can experience a lack of heating. Try to turn the thermostat up first, if this doesn't help it could be due to another issue or you may need to call an expert to assess the hot water system.  It is always a good idea to mark the usual setting on the thermostat dial so that you can notice if it has been moved.  
  • Heating Elements- If you have a water heater that is electric, the cause of no hot water could be due to a failed heating element. If you still have warm to lukewarm water it may be just one heating element that is gone. However, if your water goes completely cold both heating elements have likely failed and will need to be replaced.
  • Pilot Lights - If you have a water heater that runs on gas, the pilot light needs to be alive and bright for the water to heat. If you have a yellow flame or no flame then your pilot light may be dirty or it may be having problems igniting.  NOTE: Some newer, hi-efficiency tanks no longer have pilot lights as an energy saving feature.
  • Gas Control Valve- A faulty gas control valve can cause a cut-off of the gas supply. This means no gas makes it to the burner so heat cannot be created.  This is almost always a job for a heating professional.  

What to Do When Your Hot Water System Won't Heat

If your hot water system has stopped heating it is likely due to one of the above reasons. Like any other electrical or gas fueled system it is important to have an expert troubleshoot and make repairs. Doing these repairs yourself could lead to an expensive hot water heater repair in Cleveland.

If you are in need of a hot water heater repair in Cleveland, contact the team at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling today.

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