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Intrigued by Tankless Water Heating? 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Tankless water heating is gaining popularity for its energy efficiency and convenience. Installing this type of water heating in your Cleveland home isn’t just a matter of buying a water heater and plugging it in, though. Before you start looking for a new water heater, consider these three factors: Gas or electric – Energy-efficient tankless water

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Common Problems with Water Heaters

You turn on the hot water, let it run for a few minutes, and still no hot water comes out! Does this problem sound familiar? Hot water heater malfunctions can be frustrating, and they always seem to happen when you really need that warm shower. Knowing a bit about common hot water heater problems will

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How to Adjust the Temperature of Your Hot Water

Having a hard time finding a consistent temperature for your hot water? The EPA recommends keeping the temperature of your hot water set to approximately 120°F. This temperature is more energy-efficient and is recommended for families with young children or seniors living in the home as it reduces the risk of scalding. However, if you

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