Small-Duct Air Conditioning Systems in the Cleveland, Ohio Area

The Unico System Provides Cooling to Your Ohio Home Without Compromise

Finding the ideal home cooling system can be a difficult process for even the savviest of Cleveland homeowners. Maybe you live in a smaller or historic home that can’t deal with standard ducts. Maybe you want a system that delivers greater control and performance. Or maybe you just want a dependable and efficient AC system! If you’re any of the above, or even all of the above, P.K. Wadsworth has the solution to match your needs to a tee: a small-duct AC system!

For our specialists and team members nothing is more important than delivering the absolute best we can muster. That goes for our products, our services, and the quality of solutions we offer to our clients. Looking for a unique cooling system that can do it all? A high-velocity small-duct Unico System is your answer.

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What Is a Unico System?

Compared to traditional central air conditioning systems, small-duct AC systems like the Unico System fit in almost any space, making them the perfect solution for both historic Cleveland homes and new construction alike. The Unico’s flexible supply fits into existing walls, ceilings, and floors throughout your entire house.

Small-Duct AC Installation Services

The Unico System offers homeowners with any house type an effective, efficient, and above all very powerful home comfort solution. But if you intend to garner all of the potential benefits this unique system has to offer, you need a service team that is up to the task. Our dedicated installation specialists have extensive experience and specialized training in selecting, handling, and installing small-duct systems in a wide range of homes in the Cleveland, Ohio area—including Shaker Heights, University Heights, and Cleveland Heights!

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Small-Duct AC System Maintenance & Repair

It takes a practiced and well-trained hand to provide prompt repairs and comprehensive maintenance for small-duct systems. Our familiarity and unique training enable us to offer a wide range of support services to our clients throughout the Cleveland area. With annual maintenance services, you can expect longer performance life spans, better efficiency, and overall a far more comfortable home.

And if your system experiences a complication or hiccup? We’ll be there! Our dedicated repair teams are on call and ready to serve any time or day, so you can always count on us to restore your comfort in a timely and efficient manner, no matter what’s going on with your cooling equipment.

Advantages of Small-Duct Air Conditioning Systems

Homeowners in Northeast Ohio are choosing small-duct AC systems for their residential cooling needs for many reasons, including:

  • Quiet Operation – The air delivery system is designed to minimize sound, which brings decibel levels to the equivalent of a soft whisper.
  • No Need for Remodeling – No matter when your home was built, the Unico System’s flexible design is almost always feasible and won’t compromise your home’s design or architectural integrity. In addition, outlets can be installed in ceilings, floors, or sidewalls and are designed to fit any décor or home architecture.
  • Even Temperature Distribution – Experience more comfort with even temperature distribution and draft-free environments in all rooms of your home.
  • Energy Efficiency – Due to its workmanship and design, the Unico System loses less than 5% of the air it puts out through leaky ductwork, compared to traditional systems that can lose up to 25% or more.

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Applications of Small-Duct Air Conditioning Systems in Cleveland

If your Ohio home or building has inadequate or no ductwork or little space, the Unico System is the solution. Common applications include:

  • Historic Homes (like many in the neighborhoods of Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, and Lakewood, Ohio)
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Log Homes
  • Commercial Buildings (like Northeast Ohio’s historic buildings, offices, hotels, and more)

Small-Duct System Installation & Service in Cleveland, Ohio

Serving Shaker Heights, University Heights & Cleveland Heights!

Whether you’re in need of a service team with the know-how and tools to provide complete system design and installation, or you just need a team capable of troubleshooting a problem or two, we’re the name to know in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We've successfully completed thousands of installations and know Northeast Ohio’s vintage homes and their unique architecture. We’ll use this knowledge to set up your system on virtually any type of HVAC system, regardless of its age, make, or model.

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"The crew was efficient and knowledgeable. Had to fabricate more ductwork than originally planned, including a custom-made coil housing. Perfectly done." 

- Robert W., Solon, Ohio