Air Conditioning Services in Cleveland, Ohio

P.K. Wadsworth Offers AC Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services in Ohio

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At P.K. Wadsworth, we carry a complete line of energy efficient air conditioners with the most up to date technology to deliver environmental comfort and energy savings.

Regardless of your air conditioning system, a call to P.K. Wadsworth can make it work better. We can help with the following air conditioning services in the Greater Cleveland area:

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Air Conditioner Installation in Cleveland, OH

The summer season in Cleveland can be outright miserable, leaving you in dire need of reliable cooling when the warmth settles in. In order to get an air conditioning system that is efficient, effective, and guarantees your comfort, it needs to be carefully selected and installed with the utmost precision and care. Looking for installation specialists serving the Cuyahoga County area? You’ve just found P.K. Wadsworth!

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Ductless Installation Services

Don’t have traditional forced air ducts, or are you the owner of a boiler heating system? If so, you might be feeling like traditional cooling methods are beyond your reach, or that you’ll be paying an arm and a leg to get air conditioning. Not true! Ductless split systems require, as you may expect, no ducts at all. And even better, they can deliver all of the cooling power you need to keep your cool this season.

If your home has no pre-existing ductwork but you still want the comfort of central air conditioning, P.K. Wadsworth can you provide you the solution you're looking for with The Unico System.

No matter when your home was built or what the physical configurations are, Unico is always a possibility without compromising design or the architectural integrity of your home. Unico is fast becoming the number one choice of specifying professionals in custom home applications.

Air Conditioner Replacement Services

Our certified and licensed air conditioning specialists can offer you unmatched quality, setting you up with a replacement air conditioning system that performs better, costs less to operate, and one that delivers all of the cooling power you need to get through a Cleveland summer.

Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland

Even a single hour without proper air conditioner can leave you baking in your own home. You need a Cleveland AC company that offers prompt services that put your needs first. At P.K. Wadsworth we make a point to bring you superior air conditioner repair! With our precision diagnostic equipment and years of training and experience, we can offer air conditioner repair services that restore your comfort in no time.

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Cleveland Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s always best to avoid trouble rather than borrow it. Do you like the idea of dodging the common causes of an AC breakdown, or do you just wish your system performed more efficiently? Maintenance is the answer! The cleaning, diagnostics, checks, and calibrations our teams have the experience and knowledge to perform can help you keep your home air conditioning in peak shape for years and years.

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Call for Air Conditioning Services in the Greater Cleveland Area

P.K. Wadsworth has one of the most experienced HVAC teams in Greater Cleveland. All of our cooling professionals are trained and certified to work on most air conditioning systems, regardless of the brand. Our expertise is backed by a commitment to customer service that starts with professionalism at your front door and ends with the job done right.

We pride ourselves at delivering surprise-free pricing. All customers receive written quotes with upfront pricing. With very rare exceptions, you’ll know the exact cost before we start the work. Contact us to schedule a service call or preventive maintenance by one of our service technicians.

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"Had our A/C serviced for the upcoming summer last week. Our technician was excellent! Friendly, and knowledgeable and explained everything to me. Will definitely use again and recommend to friends."

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