Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area

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Experiencing an air conditioning issue is never an okay problem to have. But it always seems to come at the worst possible time, doesn’t it? The hottest summer day, the stickiest night—when you’ve got family visiting. Cuyahoga County isn’t friendly when your AC is down, and so you need a repair team that can help right now. P.K. Wadsworth is the name you’re looking for.

Our cooling repair teams offer superior emergency AC repair. No cut corners, no slow service, and no obscenely high costs. We’ve been the AC experts local homeowners in Cleveland have trusted for over 80 years, and the secret to our longevity is in the quality of our service!

Looking for 24-hour emergency AC repair in the Cleveland area? Call the specialists at P. K. Wadsworth any time by dialing 440-363-0440!

24-Hour Emergency AC Repair

Being robbed of your comfort in your own home is something you should never have to experience, and with our Cleveland AC repair team around it shouldn’t have to be! We offer complete air conditioner repair and support services at all hours and on all days. The weekend? We’re there. Holidays? Still got you covered.

We put your comfort first, and offer AC repair service that acts fast while maintaining complete precision. Through the advantages offered by our cutting-edge tools and peerless service teams you can stay cool and confident no matter what your AC decides to do.

Call P. K. Wadsworth for 24-hour air conditioner repair in the Cleveland area at 440-363-0440!

Signs You Need an Emergency AC Repair in the Cleveland Area

We say that it’s worth calling for emergency air conditioner repair in Cleveland any time you’re uncomfortable. But it’s best to act as quickly as possible, so keep your eyes and ears out for any of these:

  • Loud noises. Weird, persistent, or loud noises usually come as a result of loose or worn out components in the cooling system. These can be pretty dangerous to the system as a whole if left alone, and often result in considerably more damage if ignored.

  • Electrical issues. Breaker trips, flickering lights, and threatening buzzing noises are all scary. And honestly, they should be. If you’re ever experiencing electrical complications tied to your AC system we recommend calling right away. And while you wait, it’s wise to shut down the unit completely at the breaker if it’s safe to do so.

  • Leaking. In many cases leaking can be a fairly minor issues, but even a tiny leak from an unassuming source can lead to hundreds of dollars in water remediation and structural damage. If you spot some water under the AC, contact us now!

  • Warm or hot air from the vents. Plenty of heat and humidity to be had outside, so the last thing you want is for your cooling system to decide it wants to be a furnace for a while.

Contact P.K. Wadsworth for Emergency AC Repair in the Cleveland, Ohio Area

You deserve comfort in your home, and at P.K. Wadsworth keeping you comfortable is what we’re all about. For AC repair teams that act fast and always offer the best, contact us for emergency air conditioner repair in Cuyahoga County!


"Excellent service. We have used PK Wadsworth for 44 years. We have found them to be responsive in the event of emergencies and knowledgeable without pressuring when it comes to diagnosing and solving problems. Recommend them to others without reservation."

- Jeff M., Cleveland, Ohio

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