Air Conditioner Installation in Cleveland, Ohio

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Summer seasons in Cuyahoga County take no prisoners. Heat, humidity, and an oppressive sun all conspire to make you as uncomfortable as possible—your air conditioning equipment is the only thing standing in its way. When it’s time to have a new system installed you want something powerful and effective, and something efficient to keep the costs to a minimum doesn’t hurt either.

Our cooling service experts have been helping Cleveland homeowners keep their cool for a long time now. Over 80 years of locally owned and operated service has made us in tune with the area, and no one can match the P.K. Wadsworth team in terms of quality and customer-focused service. When you want perfect AC installation, you want us!

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Air Conditioner Installation Services

Your home and cooling preferences are totally unique to you, and that means a standardized service just won’t cut it. You need a tailored air conditioner services that takes what you want into account, and an installation that delivers superior quality and reliability. That’s why at P.K. Wadsworth we start with a full consultation and assessment so that we can match you with the proper equipment.

We even take our air conditioner installations in the Cleveland area a step further, double-checking all of our work to make absolutely sure we’ve put in our best and that you’re set for success for this summer and many summers to come.

When Is It Time for a New AC System?

Seeking air conditioner installation at the right time is a great way to stay on top of efficiency and to reduce the risks of a frustrating and expensive mid-season breakdown. But when is it time for a new air conditioner installation? Our experts recommend seeking a new system when:

  • Your current system is too old. Depending on the equipment we’re talking about, AC systems can last a fair range of years. But typically at the 10 year mark you’ll start seeing performance issues, a higher risk of breakdowns, and higher cooling costs. Save yourself the money and the stress by talking to a P.K. Wadsworth AC installation expert now.

  • You’re unhappy with your cooling costs. Tired of watching your energy costs spike year after year? A modern high-efficiency cooling system can tame those rising costs and help keep you cooler and more comfortable at the same time.

  • You need professional AC repair all the time. Repairs and breakdowns are annoying, we know. And we also know they don’t come cheap! If you shell out for repairs over and over again with each passing year, it’s time for a new installation.

Air Conditioner Installation Service in Cleveland, OH

At P.K. Wadsworth our teams put you first. Our services are tailored, our products stand at the peak of the industry, and we don’t settle for second best. Neither should you. If you’re ready for an installation that brings you the dependable cooling power you want and warrant within your budget, go ahead and contact our team today for your consultation.

Looking for an HVAC company near Cleveland that offers year-round comfort and that can service any system, including air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces? Our team offers heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance so that you're always covered. 


"I called on a Friday morning to have my AC unit checked. It was on but not blowing cool air. They were able to have a technician come to my home after I got off work the same day. Eric was awesome. He identified the issue immediately and gave me a few options. I didn't feel pressured 2 pick the most expensive option. He was professional. I would recommend PK Wadsworth always!!"

- Stephanie M., Cleveland, Ohio

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