Air Conditioner Maintenance in Cleveland, Ohio

P.K. Wadsworth Offers AC Maintenance & Inspection Services in Ohio

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What would you say you want out of your air conditioner, aside from the obvious? If you’re like most of us, “cost-efficient” comes to mind. Powerful. Reliable. These are all pretty important to have in Ohio, where the summers can go far above and beyond scorching and muggy. Want to know how to get all of the above? Contact P.K. Wadsworth for air conditioner maintenance services!

Our air conditioner maintenance team has been serving Cuyahoga County clients for over eight decades. Every member of the team is a master of the HVAC craft, and with our experts providing for your AC tune-up needs you’ll never be stuck without the cooling you need to fend off a Cleveland summer.

Ready for your annual air conditioner maintenance in Ohio? Contact us online now, or call 440-363-0440 to get in touch!

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Cleveland & More

Air conditioner maintenance isn’t just some obligation stipulated by your warranty. It’s a key service that helps you get the cooling power and effectiveness you deserve, and our air conditioner maintenance experts treat it with all seriousness. Our preventative AC tune-up services are comprehensive and exact, offering the cleaning and calibrations required to keep your air conditioning system operating at its best.

Our air conditioner maintenance in Cleveland, OH includes:

  • Filter changes and cleaning to promote healthy air flow

  • Electrical connection inspections to ensure power and safety

  • Thermostat checks and calibration if necessary

  • Inspection of the condensate line

  • Lubrication for applicable moving parts

  • Performance evaluation

  • And more!

The Benefits of Preventative AC Maintenance

Wondering what the big deal is all about? Seeking air conditioner maintenance in Cleveland on a routine basis is no joke and offers some major advantages:

  • Reduced energy costs. When your system is optimized by a professional it needs to work less and use less power to get the job done, translating directly to cost savings.

  • Higher cooling performance. Summers in Ohio can present serious heat, and your system needs to be on its toes. With our air conditioner maintenance services, you’ll get the even, powerful cooling you need.

  • Far fewer repairs needed. Statistically speaking more than half of the repairs we handle could have been prevented by air conditioner maintenance delivered on time.

  • Improved air quality. With a clean filter in place and a cleared out system you have less dust, mold spores, and pollen floating around in your home air.

Air Conditioner Tune-Ups in Cleveland, Ohio

For thorough air conditioner maintenance that promise you the quality and cooling efficiency you deserve, no one delivers like P.K. Wadsworth. Our experts are friendly, reliable, and always deliver quality that is second to none! When you want a team of specialists you can trust, and ones that put you first, contact us online to schedule air conditioner maintenance in the Greater Cleveland area.


"P. K. Wadsworth went above and beyond to meet our needs! We are very happy with the service they provided in replacing our air conditioning unit. We will definitely use their services again!"

- Shelley M., Streetsboro, Ohio

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