Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland, Ohio

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Air conditioner not working correctly? Don’t stress! Just call P.K. Wadsworth for leading AC repair services in Cuyahoga County.

Our AC repair teams offer prompt, accurate air conditioner repair services that focus on restoring your comfort. For over 80 years P.K. Wadsworth has been the name to know when you want quality, results, and action at a great price. Looking for air conditioner repair near you in the Cleveland area? You just found it!

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Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland, OH

Have a Broken AC System? Call 440-363-0440 to Schedule an Appointment with P.K. Wadsworth!

Our air conditioning technicians don’t trouble you with subpar AC repair services or “maybes.” You call on P.K. Wadsworth when you want the best, and you’ll get it! Utilizing the best diagnostic tools available and our extensive experience in the industry we can locate the root issue with accuracy and offer air conditioner repair that gets you back to being comfortable in as little time as possible.

If you have a broken AC system, call 440-363-0440 to schedule an appointment with P.K. Wadsworth for air conditioner repair in the Cleveland, Ohio area!

Signs You Need AC Repair in the Cleveland Area

When it comes to cooling equipment it’s best to act as soon as possible. Issues don’t usually start out huge. They’re little, seemingly insignificant things that rapidly snowball into huge air conditioner repair costs—and potentially replacements. Watch out for these signs indicating you have a broken AC, and if you spot one, give our air conditioner repair team a call:

  • Changes in energy costs. Large increases in cooling costs are often one of the first possible signs you can observe, and when acted on quickly, can be a very effective way to prevent bigger issues.

  • Odd noises. You know what your cooling system sounds like when it’s working well. Clanks, bangs, pops, and squeals aren’t normal. And they usually mean worn out or damaged parts, which can quickly turn into severe internal damage for the system as a whole.

  • Unusual odors. Thick, musty odors don’t typically crop up if you’ve been keeping up with your annual AC maintenance. But should they happen, it’s a clear sign that you need to schedule air conditioner repair.

  • Leaking. Problems that cause leaking can range from the simplest to the most complex issues a cooling system can encounter. But no matter the cause with your leak, you need AC repair now to avoid water damage!

  • Uneven cooling or high humidity in the home. Just not getting the cooling power you’re used to, or is your home feeling clammy and moist? Our teams can find the cause and handle it.

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Why Choose P.K. Wadsworth for Your Air Conditioner Repair Needs?

Your comfort is extremely important, and without proper cooling in place the summers in Ohio will rob you of it in no time. P.K. Wadsworth stands ready to provide the prompt, accurate air conditioner repair you need in the Greater Cleveland area. Contact our HVAC contractors online or give us a call to schedule AC repair! (We offer furnace repair as well.)

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"Prompt, professional service. We had A/C problems and a technician came when it was convenient for me, listened to my concerns, identified and fixed the problem. I was very pleased."

- Don H., Shaker Heights, Ohio

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