Heat Pump Services in the Greater Cleveland Area

Serving Shaker Heights, University Heights, Cleveland Heights & More!

The weather is wild in Cleveland all year long. Hot, sticky summers. Bone-chilling winters. You need a system that can fight off both, and ideally one that can do it efficiently at the same time. Looking for an HVAC system that can offer it all? Then you’re looking for a heat pump, and the professionals at P.K. Wadsworth can provide the installation and support services you need.

For over 80 years local home and business owners have been looking to our team for complete answers to all of their comfort questions. With our extensive experience and top-tier training we’re uniquely equipped to provide a full suite of heat pump services. So when you want results you can trust and a team that is dedicated to complete satisfaction, give us a call.

We offer complete heat pump services in Greater Cleveland, including:

For heat pump services in Cuyahoga County contact P.K. Wadsworth on the web, or dial 440-363-0440! We are available for service throughout the Greater Cleveland area, including Shaker Heights, University Heights, and Cleveland Heights.

Professional Heat Pump Installation in Ohio

Heat pumps offer an ideal year-round comfort solution to homeowners in our area. But in order to meet your needs effectively they have to be sized and installed precisely. Our specialists begin your heat pump installation process with a full home assessment so that we can find the perfect product to suit your unique needs.

Heat Pump Replacement Services

A worn out heat pump is a sad thing to see. That excellent efficiency begins to wane, you start needing repairs all the time, and eventually it goes kaput completely. Tired of lackluster service from your heat pump system? The service specialists at P.K. Wadsworth can match you with an ideal replacement and restore your comfort and confidence in no time.

Heat Pump Repair

Whether it’s summer, winter, or even the between seasons, you can’t afford the be caught without a proper HVAC system in your home. You want, and you deserve, an effective heat pump that can behave itself. Whether you’re dealing with a small issue, or something complex and on a larger scale, our heat pump repair team can bring you unparalleled service. Top diagnostic tools in the hands of trained and certified specialists means heat pump repairs in Cleveland that are fast, efficient, and always precise.

Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance

Heat pumps may be one of the best options to heat and cool your Cleveland, Ohio area home, but no one said they were self-sufficient. In order to keep getting the benefits you love from your heat pump unit it needs to be maintained regularly—once in the spring and once in the fall for cooling and heating respectively. Our full-service heat pump maintenance team offers the calibration, cleaning, and service your system needs in order to keep performing excellently all year.

Full-Service Heat Pump Company in Cleveland, OH

Serving Shaker Heights, University Heights & Cleveland Heights!

With a focus on your comfort needs, a drive to always excel, and with our always crystal-clear pricing, you’re guaranteed services that satisfy. Contact P.K. Wadsworth online now to schedule heat pump services near you!


"Awesome company! I’ve used P.K. Wadsworth many times. In fact, they are the only heating and cooling company I've ever used. I bought a new furnace and AC unit from them and it couldn't have been a more pleasant experience top to bottom!"

- Diane P, University Heights, Ohio

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