Air Conditioner Maintenance in the Cleveland Area

Keep Your Cleveland Area Home Cool with Regular AC Maintenance

ac system preventative maintenance in Cleveland, OHProactive maintenance of your air conditioning unit provides a lot more than peace of mind. Annual service from P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling will keep your cooling system running optimally, which can lower cooling costs and help you avoid costly air conditioner repairs.

Our experts are licensed and certified to service every type of air conditioner in any Cleveland area home—from historic, vintage properties and older systems to today’s state-of-the-art, high-efficiency systems. If it has been a while since your last air conditioner maintenance visit, schedule service with us before the muggy days of summer to ensure that your system is ready when you need it.

To schedule an air conditioner tune-up in Cleveland, OH contact P.K. Wadsworth online now! We provide AC maintenance in Shaker Heights, University Heights, Cleveland Heights, and more!

Many air conditioning units made before 2016 use R-22 refrigerant (FREON®). All manufacturing of this refrigerant will be completely discontinued on January 1, 2020, which may impact your cooling costs in the future. Find out more »

Cleveland Air Conditioner Maintenance

For over eight decades our team has been helping Cuyahoga County homeowners stay cool and confident. Our AC maintenance services put your needs first, offering peerless products, customer-focused service, and solutions that stand far ahead of the competition.

Our specialists offer preventative air conditioner maintenance for all cooling equipment, including:

For complete air conditioner maintenance services in Cleveland, OH contact P.K. Wadsworth online now!

Complete Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Cooling systems are built to last and to perform at the top of their game right out of the factory. But they cannot maintain efficiency all on their own. Just like you need to tune a car to get better mileage and to avoid breakdowns, you also need AC maintenance.

Our service agreement specialists are highly trained and seasoned, giving you the advantage of experts who know how to do the job right. Whether your system is brand new or a bit older, we’ve seen and worked with it all, and we have the know-how to get the job handled accordingly.

What's Included in an AC Tune-Up

After working hard in the summer and sitting dormant throughout the winter, your air conditioner will need a tune-up. P.K. Wadsworth’s comprehensive precision air conditioning tune-up includes:

  • Checking refrigerant levels to ensure the refrigerant charge is correct.
    Improper refrigerant charge affects performance and efficiency—it has to be correct. This easily can go unnoticed and in some cases cause the compressor to shut down. Additional refrigerant fluids should never need to be routinely added to your system; this can indicate a much greater problem.
  • Ensuring ductwork is sealed.
    Make sure that the air you paid to condition gets to the necessary areas of your home and isn’t wasted in basements or crawlspaces.
  • Cleaning the outdoor condenser coil and removing the debris from the unit.
    A dirty outdoor coil makes your AC unit work harder, raises your electrical bill and creates unnecessary repairs.
  • Inspecting the outdoor unit’s fan motor and lubricating as necessary.
    If the motor is dirty, your air conditioning unit will be less efficient and fail sooner.
  • Checking the electrical draw, or amps, of the compressor.
    We’ll record this vital statistic as well as your system’s temperatures and pressures. Keeping an accurate history that includes this data can indicate potential problems sooner so you can address them before they become expensive repairs.
  • Testing the operation and condition of the compressor contractor.
    This key component controls the most expensive part of your AC system—the compressor. Testing it protects your investment.
  • Inspecting and tightening electrical connections.
    Relays and contractors are inspected. Worn contacts and loose wire connections can lead to motor or compressor failure.
  • Inspecting and testing start/run capacitors and relays.
    Bad capacitors can lead to costly repairs, including compressor and motor failure.
  • Inspecting the indoor evaporator coil if accessible.
    Whether or not we can access the indoor coil easily is dependent upon your home, but an inspection can uncover potential problems.
  • Flushing the condensate drain to protect against overflow.
    The condensate drain is checked to ensure it’s open. Algae can clog a condensate drain, which can cause expensive water damage.
  • Inspecting blower assembly operation, lubricating and adjusting as necessary.
    A dirty blower wheel reduces air flow, causing longer operating time and increased cost. This problem can lead to lost comfort and compressor failure. Belts and pulleys are inspected for cracks and breakage and adjusted as required—loose belts and worn pulleys decrease air flow, increasing operating costs and shortening the compressor’s life.
  • Evaluating the condition of the air filter and other indoor air quality accessories.
    A restricted air filter can cause your air conditioning unit to waste energy and shorten the compressor’s life.
  • Safety testing all controls for proper operation.
    Controls and safeties that don’t function properly can increase operation cost and cause other components to fail.
  • Calibrating thermostat and confirming proper operation.
    The unit thermostat is checked and calibrated as required. Improperly calibrated thermostats allow the unit to run longer than necessary. Every degree your air conditioning operates below 78 degrees can add five to eight percent to the cost of cooling.
  • Evaluating overall efficiency of system and informing customer of equipment condition.
    We’ll inspect the unit disconnect; a worn or overheated disconnect blows fuses and is dangerous.
  • Checking overall system airflow.
    Airflow in your comfort system is like the blood in the human body. If you don’t have enough flow, some serious problems can occur. Airflow is probably one of the most important variables associated with a properly operating system.

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance might feel like an obligation, but it actually offers you a ton of distinct advantages when it is sought with regularity. With P.K. Wadsworth on the job you can anticipate:

  • Reduced cooling costs. A system that is checked, calibrated, and streamlined gets the job done faster and more effectively. That means less power used per cycle, directly saving you on your utility costs.

  • Less repairs and complications. Most breakdowns can be traced to a lack of air conditioner maintenance. Don’t like paying for repairs all the time? AC maintenance will prevent them!

  • Higher performance levels. In Ohio a cooling system not only has to cool, but also has to fight through some high humidity, too. When maintained by our experts a system is far better equipped to deliver the power and effectiveness you need.

  • Better indoor air quality. No more gunk and dirt deposits on coils and filters means none in your air, either, helping tame those high allergy counts.

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The ideal cooling system is one that performs effectively at all times. A system that is powerful, reliable, and efficient to operate all at the same time. Think there’s some secret to getting all of the above? There isn’t! It’s all about preventative air conditioner maintenance and professional cooling system care. Looking for a team that offers comprehensive system solutions that ensure you’re always optimally equipped to take on a Cleveland summer season? Call on the pros at P.K. Wadsworth and you’ll never go without. We serve Shaker Heights, University Heights, Cleveland Heights, and more!

Our experts have been offering preventative cooling tune-ups and maintenance for over 80 years in the Ohio area. Ready to get the cooling quality and reliability you deserve? Contact us online to schedule an annual service now!

AC Maintenance


"Wonderful as always. PK Wadsworth is so dependable, professional and customer service focused, it’s easy to recommend them! Had our spring tune up on the a/c system and they caught a problem before we needed to use it. We love the annual service contract that keeps us tuned up year round. "

- Donna G., Chagrin Falls, OH

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