Cooling Zoning Systems in the Cleveland Area

home cooling zoning systems

Tired of wrestling with uneven, ineffective home cooling? Prefer your bedroom frosty, but prefer your living areas to be a bit more on the neutral side? Standardized cooling equipment makes accomplishing either of the above goals effectively quite difficult, but with the right setup anyone can enjoy a higher level of control over the comfort in their home. We’re talking about zoned cooling systems from the experts at P.K. Wadsworth!

Our cooling service specialists have been helping homeowners in Ohio get the quality comfort they deserve for years. When you want solutions that offer you the best in reliability, efficiency, and cost-efficient operation, we’re the experts you need on your side.

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What Is a Cooling Zoning System?

Put simply, zoned cooling offers you the option to maintain more exact temperatures in each and every zone in your home. For example if you prefer bedrooms to stay a chilly 68, but want your living areas to be a warmer 72, that’s quite difficult to accomplish with standard cooling setups that only use a single thermostat. But a zoned system, which uses multiple, independently-controlled thermostats can make precise temperature control easy.

How many zones you choose to have in your home is up to you, whether you want to create two, three, or five—divide them into upstairs and downstairs, or by quadrants. It’s easily done with a reliable zoning system.

Zoned Cooling Services with P.K. Wadsworth

At P.K. Wadsworth our specialists can help you create the zoned cooling setup that suits your wants and needs best. We offer the Arzel® zoning system, which installs directly into your existing HVAC setup and ductwork to create a seamless and simple cooling solution! We’re dedicated to helping you stay comfortable in your home, so no matter your preferences, we can help build the zoned cooling you’ve always wanted.

Arzel® dampers install directly into existing ductwork and are extremely reliable as they run using low-pressure air supplied by a mini pump located in the control panel. Due to the flexibility and simplicity of the installation, you're able to adjust individual zones in your home with a standard thermostat depending on your specific needs. In addition to your comfort, the energy savings that are observed after using this zoning system are a huge benefit.

Arzel® is the pioneer and leader of retrofit zoning technology with products built on reliability, flexibility, simplicity and backed by the industry’s best warranty. With more than 20 years of tested and proven solutions, Arzel® is the only retrofit system with application flexibility, unsurpassed product reliability, easiest possible installation, innovative control panel technologies and backed by the industry’s best warranty.

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The Benefits of Cooling Zoning Systems

With your home equipped with the Arzel® system you can expect:

  • More control over your comfort. Families, roommates, or even a single homeowner—we all struggle with keeping each area of our home tailored to our needs. Zoning makes this easy and stress-free!

  • Better cooling power. By delivering cooling where you need it most, you help your HVAC system focus in on getting its job done in a more streamlined and effective manner, resulting in a far more comfortable home.

  • Higher energy-efficiency. The fine-tuning offered by a zoned system can help you save costs, too. By cooling areas where it is most needed, and leaving the rest alone, you can cut down drastically on the amount of power your AC needs to use.

Zoned Air Conditioning in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

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If you’re interested in zoned cooling for your home, or you just want to find out more, contact the specialists at P.K. Wadsworth today! Our services are customized to meeting your needs, and we never offer up anything less than perfection for our clients!


"Very good service. Very happy with the technician that did our A/C tune-up. He was very thorough and answered all of our questions."

- Mark K, Reminderville, Ohio

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