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Ductless Systems in the Cleveland Area

No ductwork? No problem.

Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and cooling systems offer an energy-efficient solution for older homes with no ductwork.


As an alternative solution to cooling and heating, Midwest homeowners without ductwork in their vintage home
say that Mitsubishi Electric’s energy-efficient ductless system was “worth the investment.”

What are Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems?

Ductless cooling and heating systems are reversible, two-way heat pumps that simply take heat energy from one place and move it to another by compressing and expanding refrigerant. Heat pumps transfer heat rather than burn fuel to generate heat, and they work in reverse to cool your home. The system provides continual comfort once it’s turned on and uses only the energy it needs.
  • Outdoor unit: connects to the indoor unit by a small bundle of cables, including a refrigerant line. The unit is placed outside of the home on ground level.
  • Indoor unit: mounted on a centrally located wall. One ductless system is enough to heat and cool an average-sized home.
  • Remote control: allows occupants to adjust the settings for maximum efficiency, comfort and control.

Applications of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

Common applications include:

  • Homes without space for ductwork
  • Older homes with no existing ductwork
  • Whole home updates, replacements or new construction
  • Where zoned/personalized comfort is desired

Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Air Quality: advanced multi-stage air filters remove contaminants and absorb odors.
  • Efficiency: compressor technology maintains comfort in each room while conserving energy.
  • Hyper-Heating: enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures even in extreme cold-climate conditions while saving energy and money.
  • Whisper Quiet: ductless systems work quietly to adjust to your comfort needs - no fans or noise from a system turning on and off.
  • Smart Controls: smartphone apps make it easy to adjust and manage your comfort.
  • Constant Comfort: inverter technology continuously ramps up or down to maintain the desired temperature, rather than shutting on or off.

Financing is Available

Don’t let budget issues deter you from outfitting your home with the right heating and cooling system. Financing options are available.

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