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Ductless System Installation in the Cleveland Area

No ductwork? No problem.

The consistent temperature swings we experience in Ohio do a good job of making homeowners struggle to stay comfortable. You need a heating and cooling system that is as reliable as it is strong, and ideally, you need a system that can keep those consistently high energy costs tamed. P.K. Wadsworth has the ideal solution—a ductless split system installation!

Our home comfort specialists offer leading products, top of the line service, and solutions that are guaranteed to offer a higher degree of comfort and quality in your home. We’re the best of the best when it comes to complete ductless system installation services in Cleveland and the surrounding areas, so when you want pros that are going to treat you right, you want P.K. Wadsworth on your side every time.

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Ductless System Installation Services

At P.K. Wadsworth, we have streamlined our ductless system installation service to evolve along with you and your needs. No two homes, families, or situations are going to be the same, and that means your heating and cooling needs are unique, too! We strive to match each client with the ideal ductless system. That one that is going to perform best, offer the most comfort, and the one that you’re going to be able to count on for years.

And we don’t stop at selecting the right system! We offer the right service, too, meaning we take every step necessary—including a full double-check of our work—to ensure your ductless system installation was of the highest quality possible.  

The Benefits of Ductless Heating & Cooling in the Cleveland Area

We’re happy to say split systems offer considerably more than just a lack of ducts! When you choose a ductless system from P.K. Wadsworth you can expect:

  • Superior comfort control. Using a customizable zoning system, a ductless split system can help you precisely control the temperatures of individual sections and rooms in your home.

  • Top tier energy efficiency. Through cutting-edge compressor technology, zoning, and the benefits of heat pump tech, a ductless system can help cut costs and conserve resources.

  • A quieter, more comfortable home. Ductless systems utilize a unique operating system that produces little to no noise at all, maintaining the peace in your home.

  • Better home air quality. Multi-stage air filtration systems not only protect the system itself from dust and debris but your home, too, boosting air quality appreciably.

Ductless System Installation in Cleveland, OH

We don’t want you to settle for anything less than the best. That goes for the products installed in your home to the services we provide here at P.K. Wadsworth. When you want experts who can perform the job right and who will leave you with all of the comfort and efficiency you could need, call on us!

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Financing is Available

Don’t let budget issues deter you from outfitting your home with the right heating and cooling system. Financing options are available.

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