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Ductless System Replacement in the Cleveland Area

Ductless systems are known for excellent efficiency, reliable operation, and powerful home comfort—all a homeowner in Ohio needs to stay cozy throughout the year. But no system is built to last an eternity, meaning sooner or later you’re going to be in line for a ductless split system replacement. Has that time come? If so, P.K. Wadsworth is ready to help you!

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Ductless Split System Replacement in Cleveland, Ohio

The ideal system replacement should leave you with something better than what you had before, and we don’t just mean a ductless split system that works! A proper replacement should offer greater comfort and performance, higher efficiency ratings, and much more. How do you get all of that? You work with the right service team, and in Ohio that means calling on P.K Wadsworth when it’s time for a replacement.

Our service specialists perform a complete assessment, to both your existing heating and cooling equipment and the home as a whole, enabling us to hand pick the ideal new ductless unit to meet your needs.

When Is it Time to Replace a Ductless System in the Cleveland Area?

Of course, you don’t want to replace your ductless split system until you actually need to. But that doesn’t mean waiting until your current system dies off completely. Timing your replacement effectively saves money, saves stress, and works to keep you comfortable.

So when should you replace your Cleveland ductless unit? We recommend seeking service when:

  • The existing system can’t keep up. Whether you’re talking summer, winter, or even spring, Ohio weather doesn’t mess around. Is your home always humid, or do you struggle to maintain proper temperatures in your home? If so, replacement is most certainly the right call.

  • Your energy costs are too high. A ductless system should offer much higher than average efficiency, helping you drop energy costs appreciably. And if it doesn’t? Something is wrong! A repair might get the job done, but it’s wise to talk to a specialist about what move is best for you.

  • The unit is a decade old or older. Though when properly maintained a ductless system could last 15 years or even longer, it’s important to start watching the system very closely at the decade mark. This is around the time where lots of systems start to lose power and efficiency, making it a prime time to start planning a ductless system replacement.

Ductless Split System Replacement Services in Cleveland, OH

When the time comes to replace, you want experts who genuinely care about the quality of work they provide, and the comfort of their clients. That’s us! We’ve built our business around the principles of complete customer satisfaction, and we feel our job is never done until you’re absolutely content with the quality of our service.

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