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$69 Tune Up
$84 Tune Up
$96 Tune Up

100% Guaranteed Precision Cooling & Heating System Tune-Up

✔ Test heat function
✔ Adjust & check pilot
✔ Check limit control
✔ Inspect heat exchanger
✔ Inspect venting
✔ Check thermocouple

✔ Clean burners
✔ Clean interior of burner chamber
✔ Clean ignition assembly
✔ Check for combustible materials
✔ Check gas valve, check for leaks
✔ Check all safety devices

✔ Check thermostat function
✔ Inspect safety switches/test controls
✔ Check electrical components & wiring
✔ Verify volts/amps in range
✔ Check motors
✔ Check air filters & air flow

Don’t forget to schedule your annual heating system tune-up!

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The consistent temperature swings we experience throughout the greater Cleveland area can make it difficult for homeowners to stay comfortable. By having your heating system tuned-up annually you will keep your heating and cooling system running reliably. Additionally, your heating & cooling (HVAC) system should be efficient enough to keep those consistently high energy costs tamed. P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling has the ideal solution if you’re experiencing inconsistent heating & cooling in your home.

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