Forced Air Furnaces - We're Your Full-Service Furnace Professionals

shutterstock_408977458 fire cup hat scarf forced air.jpgMost homeowners only notice their furnace if it’s not working properly. P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling thinks about furnaces all year long (so you don’t have to). Our work keeps you warm during the coldest winter months, and our extensive capabilities allow us to work on virtually any forced air furnace on the market. From routine maintenance to full replacement, P.K. Wadsworth’s expert technicians promptly diagnose and fix furnace issues right the first time. If it’s time for a replacement, we’ll explain all your options, provide a no obligation in-home consultation and complete the job efficiently with unequaled professionalism. After the installation, our service department will maintain your equipment regularly to keep it in top operation.

Full Furnace Services

P.K. Wadsworth professionally services all furnace makes and models and installs highly efficient, reliable new systems. We know the health and safety of your family rests on a properly operating furnace, so our work is prompt and thorough. Call us today if you need our certified professionals to provide these satisfaction-guaranteed services:

  • Repair for any make or model
  • Annual maintenance and precision tune-up
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Replacement installation

Stop Burning Your Money

Older or improperly installed furnaces could be wasting more than 35 percent of the energy they burn. Modern, high-efficiency furnaces are up to 96 percent efficient—over the lifetime of use, a properly designed and installed new furnace can pay for itself easily in fuel savings. P.K. Wadsworth offers modern sealed-combustion furnaces to help you capture these savings. We do more for your energy efficiency than just installing a furnace. By taking a system view of your installation and home, we ensure your ducts are properly sealed, your system is clean and your entire home is evaluated for opportunities to make it more efficient, comfortable and safer. Our expert comfort advisers can offer advice on insulation, windows, indoor air quality and more. A new furnace from P.K. Wadsworth lowers heating bills and will make your whole home more efficient and comfortable.

Saving More Than Money

Proper furnace maintenance is more than an efficiency issue. A neglected furnace can lead to a costly failure or even to dangerous situations caused by leaking gas, dirty air or potentially deadly carbon monoxide. Our full-service capabilities allow us to evaluate your home fully, help you understand all your options, and make a great choice for your home whether repairing your equipment or upgrading to a more modern, efficient system. Contact us today for any of your furnace needs.


"Always excellent work. Very professional. Excellent work on both heating and air conditioning. We have used them for years. Last year we put in a new furnace and it works beautifully. Very professional and trustworthy."

- Thomas B, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

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