Tankless Water Heaters in Cleveland, Ohio

Get Unlimited Hot Water for Less from P.K. Wadsworth

tankless water heater - faucetIt’s difficult to believe there’s a water-heating solution that provides a virtually endless amount of hot water for a low cost, but that’s exactly why tankless hot water heaters are becoming increasingly popular. Tankless water heaters use highly efficient heating elements and only run when a source in the home needs hot water. This translates into water-heating costs that are as much as 45 percent lower, which add up to huge savings over the lifetime of the appliance.

Enjoy the Luxury of Performance

Because they don’t have a tank, a properly engineered tankless water heater can run as long as you need without exhausting its hot water supply. This provides flexibility if you’re running a dishwasher, washing machine and/or showering simultaneously or consecutively. No matter what your home’s water need, you’ll never need to worry again about running out of hot water when you need it most.

Flexible Installation Options

Homeowners love the small footprint of tankless systems. Most tankless systems are about the size of a suitcase, so they can mount on a wall almost anywhere. Their high efficiency allows exhaust gas to vent outside via a plastic pipe rather than a chimney, so they can be installed virtually anywhere with plumbing. This flexibility frees up space in a way that’s impossible with a traditional water heater that stores a reservoir tank of hot water in the basement.

Guidance You Can Trust

As great as tankless systems are, they aren’t suitable for every home. They typically have higher upfront costs and homeowners using well water with a high mineral content may want to avoid such systems.

P.K. Wadsworth Heating and Cooling has been installing all kinds of hot water systems for years. We’ll explain all options and benefits available to help you make the best choice. Contact us today.


"Over 25 years and no complaints! I have been with P.K. Wadsworth for over 25 years in several locations throughout the Greater Cleveland area. Their staff of engineers and service professionals are the best in the industry. Recently, I had an issue that was complex. They sent out an engineer to come up with a plan, and their installation and service professionals were amazing. Polite, clean and very competent—a must-have company for any homeowner. Also, their maintenance plans are reasonable and thorough."

- Bill M, Rocky River, Ohio

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