Home Performance Contracting

Would you be surprised to find out that 50% of homeowners say they are unhappy with some aspect of the HVAC system?

We want to do more than just install and maintain your heating and cooling equipment. Our goal is to partner with you to make your home a comfortable, safe, healthy environment for your family. These improvements frequently come with a bonus: savings on your utility bills!

home energy auditorHome Performance Contracting starts with a detailed analysis of your home. The Home Performance Assessment is a 2-4 hour process that uses specialized diagnostic tools and advanced training (coupled with our many years of experience) to help us begin to understand how your home works as a complex unit. This assessment looks at your home as many interlocking systems, and suggests plans to improve its performance while searching for safety issues that may be present. Click here to learn more.

Once the Home Performance Assessment has uncovered areas for improvement, other areas of contracting may be needed. We can help you prioritize what will give you the best return on your investment.

Common improvements for Cleveland homes include:

  • Home sealing - To keep the outside from coming inside.
  • Insulation - It’s like wearing a warm down coat in the winter.
  • Duct sealing or repair - Make sure the hot/cold air from your HVAC system gets to where it should.
  • Replacement of leaky electrical fixtures - Leaky fixtures are like keeping a window open all year long.
  • Fresh air ventilation - According to EPA findings, the air inside some homes can be more polluted than the air outside.
  • Window replacement - Although far down the list, sometimes the old window really is the culprit.

pk wadsworth home performance assessment