HVAC Company of Choice for New Homeowners in Cleveland

P.K. Wadsworth Welcomes You to the Neighborhood!

P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling would like to welcome you to your new home in the greater Cleveland area. As exciting as moving into a new space is, it’s often quite stressful as well. P.K. Wadsworth can help ensure that your heating and cooling equipment in your new home is high-quality and in good working order.

We’re excited to offer the following services for your moving needs:

  • Evaluate your current HVAC system operation
  • Perform an AC or furnace safety inspection and tune-up
  • Flush and fill your hot water tank
  • Repair any malfunctioning HVAC equipment
  • Recommend any equipment upgrades or installations

In order to help your move-in go as swiftly and smoothly as possible, we are offering a special gift coupon for $50 off of any tune-up, repair, or new equipment installation you may need in your new home!

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To put this gift to use, call the expert technicians at 855-996-5675 or schedule an appointment with P.K. Wadsworth today!

Why Choose P.K. Wadsworth?

P.K. Wadsworth has been helping homeowners in the greater Cleveland area in our yellow trucks for over 80 years. Our community of technicians is bonded, certified, and dedicated to providing first-class service to our lifelong customers. Our knowledge of the greater Cleveland area’s vintage homes and unique architecture lets us provide service that will not only lower your energy bills and increase the comfort of your home but ensure your home’s safety as well. If you’re new to this area, you can’t go wrong by choosing our licensed professionals to assist in your move-in.

To use your coupon and start your move off right, call P.K. Wadsworth at 855-996-5675 for service or a no-obligation in-home consolation today.