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What does MERV rating mean?

What does MERV rating mean? MERV rating is an abbreviation for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. A MERV rating tells you, on a scale of 1-16, how effectively your filter traps the small particles you don’t want circulating through your home. The higher a MERV rating, the higher the amount of particles the filter traps. The American

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3 Risks of DIY Furnace Repair

Is your furnace working properly? What would you do if it wasn’t working? Would you attempt to fix it yourself or would you call a Cleveland furnace repair professional? If you’ve ever spent a Cleveland winter night without heat, you know just how miserable it can be. Many people choose to do their own basic maintenance on heating systems. Changing your

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Your Furnace Just Died—Now What?

It’s the middle of another cold Ohio winter, and your furnace just died. What do you do? The problem may be something serious, or it may be a quick fix. Before you go spending the time and money calling an HVAC technician, you should check it out yourself to see if you can find the

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How to Paint a Radiator

Many greater Cleveland homes have water or steam radiators as part of their heating systems and keeping them clean allows heat to transfer efficiently. It’s important to take care of any rust spots (or peeling paint that can leave the radiator open to rusting) as you don’t want to have to replace a radiator. As with

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Air-Source Heat Pumps: The Pros and Cons

Having an air-source heat pump in a climate like ours has its pros and cons. Most occur in the winter, since these systems are heat-dependent. Improvements in their technology is making them viable choices for use in northern states, but before you choose, consider these advantages and disadvantages of air source heat pumps: Pros of an Air-Source Heat Pump

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Why Is Cold Air Blowing From My Furnace?

You can hear your furnace cycling on and off but your home is getting colder. You place your hand by the vent only to find that your furnace is blowing cold. There could be a few reasons why your furnace is only pumping out cold air. No matter what the reason, it’s important to find a solution

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What’s That Smell?

If you turn your heat on for the first time in winter only to find a funny burning smell, it is not necessarily a reason to panic. In fact, most homeowners will have the same experience at the beginning of the cold season. So why does this smell occur? What is That Burning Smell Coming

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Planning for Geothermal? 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a System

If you’re preparing to install a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home, you already know the potential these systems have for significant energy savings. The next step is planning for geothermal. Your land will “speak” to you, in a sense, and generally dictate your installation options. Here’s what your available yard and land space will

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What Can You Do About Strange Air Conditioner/Furnace Smells?

One of the most common questions we get here at P.K. Wadsworth is “why does my AC smell bad?” While this question can be hard to answer over the phone, there are actually a lot of reasons why a not-so-sweet scent will be wafting throughout your entire home from your AC unit or furnace. Luckily,

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How Does Humidity Affect HVAC Performance?

    When the humidity rises, it’s nice to retreat inside your home where the air conditioning system has kept the air cooler and less humid. But have you ever thought about how high humidity affects the performance of your HVAC system? Here’s a look. Humidity and Your Air Conditioner It’s your air conditioner’s job to remove

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