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Replacing Your Driveway? Think About Adding A Snow-Melt System

If you are considering replacing your driveway this summer, adding a snow-melt system will make next winter’s snow removal even easier.  When the snowy Cleveland-area winters arrive, driveways must be shoveled or de-iced using corrosive chemicals — and the sooner the better. Wait too long, and the bottom layers turn to ice and the job

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A Pro’s Checklist For A/C Preventive Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is important for Cleveland-area homeowners as we move into the warm and humid summer months. Neglect is the most common cause of air conditioner failure and and higher utility bills.  Additionally, you don’t want your unit to break down, leaving you sweltering in the heat. P.K. Wadsworth offers a comprehensive checklist for air

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Do you Need a Chimney Liner?

If you’re upgrading your furnace, you’re taking an important step toward gaining greater energy efficiency and comfort for your home.  But, did you know that choosing and sizing your new furnace is only part of the solution?  If you are having a new energy-efficient furnace installed in your home, you need to make sure that

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Selecting the Fuel and HVAC System Type for your Home

Part of the process of choosing a heating and cooling system for your home involves deciding which fuel you’ll use and which system burns that fuel most efficiently.  To determine this, ask yourself the following questions: What is the cost and availability of the fuel in my area? How efficient is this system? How will the

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