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What Can You Do About Strange Air Conditioner/Furnace Smells?

One of the most common questions we get here at P.K. Wadsworth is “why does my AC smell bad?” While this question can be hard to answer over the phone, there are actually a lot of reasons why a not-so-sweet scent will be wafting throughout your entire home from your AC unit or furnace. Luckily,

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Weird Sound?

Air conditioners are far from silent while they are operating. Usually the noise fades into the background after a few minutes. You may hear the hum of the fan motor, the rush of the air as the system starts, and the occasional pinging or banging as air ducts expand and contract with temperature changes. Outside,

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Attic Ventilation: A Year-Round Concern for All Ohio Homeowners

Perhaps you’ve heard about the importance of attic ventilation, but you’ve never taken it seriously. Improving attic ventilation is a proven strategy for comfort and energy savings, whether your goal is to see benefits in the summer or winter. In the Summer When the weather heats up in the greater Cleveland area, expect attic ventilation to deliver the

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