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When A Heat Pump Freezes, Here’s What To Do

During normal heat pump operation in the winter, you may notice that the unit’s outdoor coils accumulate some frost or even small amounts of ice. This is normal and is usually resolved when the heat pump shifts into defrost mode. If your heat pump freezes over completely, however, then it’s time to call for the assistance

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Troubleshooting Airflow Issues With A Heat-Pump System

While heat pumps are an excellent home comfort solution for homeowners here in the Cleveland area, they do require a reasonable amount of professional maintenance and the occasional troubleshooting. Improper installation, leaking ducts and neglected maintenance can lead to low airflow and other problems, as Energy Star has noted. Performance can be compromised if the

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Get to Know Your Heat-Pump System Components

A heat-pump system is literally that — a system that transfers, or “pumps” heat. In winter, it pulls the heat available in outside air into the system and sends it inside, where it’s distributed through your ducting. In summer, the cycle reverses and the heat-pump system pumps your inside heat outdoors. Because the heat pump doesn’t generate heat,

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